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Boating slips for milwaukee (lake Michigan)


So I am serious about getting a new to me boat - and we have been looking into about a 28 foot boat that we could cruise on Lake Michigan. We have found some boats that are reasonably priced (under 20K) - I only tell you the price so that you understand I am just a normal middle class guy with 3 kids and money is DEFINATLY a concern. Now I understand that most of these engines are nothing but a car engine and if you are good with a car you would be good with these boats.


Where in this city do you get a boating slip for a full season? Where do you store a boat in the offseason and is there a fee to put the boat back into the water? How do you transport it?


I am in a tough spot - my wife says I should go for it - I dont know that a family of 5 can go with a much smaller boat if they want to take some friends out on occassion. Do I really need a 28 foot boat? I have seen it happening for years now, but have I completely gone insane? We have begun to lose touch with our friends whom are all still childless and are looking at this as a way to accomodate spending quality time with the kids and still being able to set a few days a year where we go out on the boat with 2 or 4 friends. I wouldnt trade my time with my kids for the world, we would just like to have the best of both worlds on occassion. We (the parents) are in need of a way to treat ourselves. We have been looking at new cars(dont really need one), new homes(cant sell ours), a motorcycle(doesnt involve the kids), vacations(they are over too soon), season tickets (for a family of 5 its just not possible) - - - just some way to give ourselves an outlet for fun and a chance to let loose.


My conscience keeps telling me that I am crazy for looking at a boat this size and cost and usually when it talks to me it is right. I just dont want to hear it this time. For the sake of our marriage we need to find a way to enjoy ourselves. Are we looking at making the biggest mistake in our lives?


I do not regret anything - I am just missing something. Holy cow this turned into a serious 0253am rant and I havent had anything to drink - my mind is just packed with random thoughts that are pushing me closer to the edge of sanity.



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Are you an experienced boater? Lake Michigan never really seemed like a good practice lake. A better beginners entry to socializing on water with friends might be a pontoon boat.


Also the sticker price is one thing, but maintenance costs and time for boats that size in WI are another. The popular phrase is - "the two best days in a boat owner's life are the day he buys it... and the day he sells it."

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