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With Sheets out awhile, what are our best options?


Surprisingly, there's numerous option. Here's mine:


A) Look for a good trading partner before the deadline, and get an established starter. Garland?


Bottom Line: The safest option to keep things rolling towards the playoffs, and you can never have too much starting pitching. But any trade that will bring in a quality starter may cost us quite a bit of talent.


B) Start Gallardo. Limiting his innings be damned.


Bottom Line: Gallardo is ready. But does the risk outweigh the reward here?


C) Start Parra. Keep Gallardo in the pen for now, to limit his innings.


Bottom Line: Parra has nothing left to prove in the minors. But he is completely untested at the MLB level.


D) Start Villanueva until at least Sheets' return.


Bottom Line: Villy is starting to put together a very respectable track record. Quality work in the pen this year, solid starts last year and one this year. But taking him out of the pen could end up backfiring and hurting the pen.

E) Spot-start, and give Gallardo, Parra, and Villanueva all a couple of starts.


Bottom Line: Wouldn't put a great deal of pressure on anyone this way, and would allow us to get some looks at all 3 starting. But the constant moving from a starting role to a long relief role might be a bad idea.



Personally, I'd try Parra first. If he busts in his first 2 starts, or significantly busts in his first one, go with Villanueva. I'd keep Gallardo in the pen as planned unless absolutely necessary. Have to keep the long term in mind.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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