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Aramis Ramirez Trade Value

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I realize trading Aramis Ramirez this off-season would be a very unpopular move among most Brewers fans. It would likely be more accepted if the move was made during the season because the team was out of the playoff contention, but that also assumes additional risk. To be a tradable asset prior to the trading deadline Ramirez would need to avoid having his historically slow starts carrying into mid-Summer and he would need to remain healthy during his age 35 season.


What if the Brewers received an offer so appealing that it was likely they would be able to put a significantly better team on the field in 2015 and beyond? My goal isn’t necessarily to turn this solely into a “should they trade Ramirez” debate, but also to gauge what others think Ramirez trade value would be if the Brewers entertained offers for him?


Based on some of the off-season trades involving MLB talent for top prospect swaps, teams have been willing to give up a lot in terms highly touted prospects in order to add talent to their current MLB rosters. Factors such as the escalating cost of free agency and the lack of available power bats at the 3B position would seemingly make two years of Aramis Ramirez very valuable on the trade market.


If the Brewers were willing to make Ramirez available a few teams stand out as possibly willing to give up good young talent to add an impact third baseman. Some of those teams include: Atlanta, Arizona, and both LA teams. Among those teams, each has some very intriguing top prospects. Atlanta has quality pitching prospects in Julio Teheran (RHP) and Sean Gilmartin (LHP). Arizona has a very good 3B prospect in Matt Davidson, as well as some top of the rotation caliber arms in Tyler Skaggs (LHP) and Archie Bradley (RHP). The Angels also have a very highly regarded 3B prospect in Kaleb Cowart and also have a power hitting 1B prospect in CJ Cron. The Dodgers seem a little thinner in top talent, but do have pitcher Zach Lee (RHP). I don't know what the Brewers could obtain for Ramirez, but I think some of these prospects are at least intriguing enough to consider. Curious what others think?

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