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MLB All Stars Vs The Pfister


ESPN ran a story last week about the Pfister being haunted and players experiences there. A few years ago there was a thread about the Pfister and ghost stories, but it's fun reading the ones from players. Justin Upton won't even stay there.



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I think a lot of it is players just playing pranks on each other because of the reputation of the hotel.


Yep, this has been a story for many, many years. Even if guys aren't pranking each other in some instances the guys know the stories and the mind plays tricks. I think every league has a "haunted hotel".

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Carlos Gomez, then a Minnesota Twin mentioned here...http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Fear-of-haunted-hotel-has-Marlins-bunking-up-in-?urn=mlb,163523

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