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Do You Want To Be A Link Reporter?

Mass Haas

Wow, heading into Year 16 of Link Reporting.


Would like to thank (again) last year's crew which included TheCrew07, Eye Black at Night, and bkrause2.


Brad has some very exciting baseball opportunities on his immediate horizon, and while he won't be a stranger, he will be stepping down from regular day-to-day Link Report duty.


So we do need to recruit those who would like to take a shot at contributing.


Reminder -- what a Link Report looks like.


What it involves -- simply making yourself available to take a specific night's game, and once the game is over, report the final score, link to the box score / game log, and link to and copy any game summary provided by the affiliate's web site. Are you up late anyway watching the big league club? Well, there you go...


Ideally, if time allows, one or two brief comments pointing out anything of particular note buried in the box or log would be appreciated but aren't always necessary (Did a player leave the game early? Any notes on players who are particularly hot?).


By volunteering, you're not committing to every night, you'll keep us posted through the forum's private messaging feature as to when you are or aren't available.


Help is particularly needed once the rookie leagues kick in, in June. I'll likely once again grab the Maryvale squad at that time, with very early East Coast postings.


If we end up lean on volunteers, don't worry, we'll still strive to keep this Sweet 16 Link Report season all it should be.


You can reply here if interested, or if you'd rather, email me -- jgoulart "at" Brewerfan.net, thanks in advance.


It's almost that time of year :)!

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