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Spring Cleaning Sale


I was going through the garage and found a bunch of extra items. If you want pictures, please send me your email address. Let me know if you have any questions.


(2) Huge Superbowl XLV Banners that hung over fenses in Dallas $100 each



2003 Paul Molitor $15

2012 Nyjer Morgan $7

(2) 2014 Kyle Lohse $7 ea 1 SOLD

2014 Robin Yount $7 SOLD

(2) 2015 Jean Segura $7 ea

2014 Chorizo $10

2014 Jim Henderson $6 SOLD

(4) 2015 Rob Deer $7 ALL SOLD

2015 Demetius Harris Milwaukee Panthers $10



all balls are ROMLB's

Derek Lee $12 (blue ink)

Michael Brantley (blue ink fading) $7

David Riske $6 (blue ink)

Saun Marcum $8(blue ink)

Brian Shouse, Jeff Suppan, David Riske, Seth McClung $8(blue ink)

Angel Salome $6 (blue ink)

Jeff Suppan $7(black ink)

Jose Tabata $6blue ink)

Chris Capuano $6 (black ink)

Hank Blalock $5(blue ink)

Dave Bush $6(blue ink)

Mat Gamel $6(blue ink)

Vinnie Rittino, Joe Dilln, Lance Nix, Chris Capuano, Brian Shouse, Seth McClung $10(back ink)

Manny Parra $6(blue ink)

1995 Montreal Expos team ball $25(blue and black)

Tommy Hanson $7 (blue ink)

Kendry Morales $10(blue ink)

Derrick Turnbow $6(blue ink)

Matt LaPorta $5(blue ink)

Warren Spahn 11x14 with HOF insc $30 (blue)


Autographed Tickets

Wade Davis 9/6/09 w/ "MLB Debut" Insc $20

Mat Gamel 9/7/08 1st ML Hit no insc $15

Mat Gamel 5/15/09 1st ML HR no insc $15

Casey McGehee 9/21/08 1st ML Hit no insc $15

Casey McGehee 6/14/09 1st ML HR no insc $15

Nyjer Morgan 9/1/07 1st ML Hit no insc $15

Jeff Bianchi 7/13/12 w/"MLB Debut" insc $15

Jeff Bianchi 8/25/12 w/"1st MLB Hit" insc $15

Jeff Bianchi 8/28/12 w/"1st MLB HR" insc $15

Mike Fiers 9/14/11 ML Debut no insc $10

Mike Fiers 5/29/12 1st ML Win no insc $10

Mike Fiers 8/24/12 1st ML Hit no insc $10


Unsigned Tickets

Jeff Bianchi 1st ML Hit $4

Jeff Bianchi 1st ML HR $4

Khris Davis ML Debut $6

Khris Davis 1st ML Hit $6

Khris Davis 1st ML HR $6

Jean Segura 1st ML Hit $6

Jean Segura 1st ML HR $6

Jim Henderson ML Debut $4

Jim Henderson 1st ML Save $4

Mike Fiers 1st ML Hit $4

Mike Fiers ML Debut $4

Mike Fiers 1st ML Win $4

Martin Maldonado ML Debut $5

Martin Maldonado 1st Hit $5

Martin Maldonado 1st ML HR $5

Norichika Aoki 1st ML HR $5

Mark Rogers 1st ML Win $4

Yovani Gallardo 1st Ml Win (crease, otherwise perfect) $10

Mat Gamel 1st ML Hit $4

Taylor Green 1st ML Hit $4

Wily Peralta ML Debut $6

Wily Peralta 1st ML Hit $6

Ryan Braun HR #200 $6

Jean Segura 6 Hit Game $6

Scooter Gennett ML Debut $6

Scooter Gennett 1st ML Hit $6

Logan Schafer 1st ML HR $5


Autographed Rookie Cards

Pat Listach 92 Bowman $3

Pat Listach 92 Jimmy Dean $3

Pat listach 92 Leaf $3

Pat Listach 92 Leaf Gold $3

Pat Listach 92 Pinnacle $3

Pat Listach 92 Stadium Club $3

Pat Listach 92 Fleer Ultra $3

Pat Listach 92 Upper Deck $3

Dale Sveum 86 Fleer $3

Dale Sveum 86 Donruss $3

Dale Sveum 86 Topps $3

Bill Spiers 89 Score $3

Bill Spiers 89 Upper Deck $3

Teddy Higuera 85 Fleer $5

Teddy Higuera 85 Topps $5

Don August 85 Topps $3

Bill Schroeder 84 Topps $3

Bill Schroeder 84 Donruss $3

Ned Yost 79 Topps $6

Tom Trebelhorn 87 Topps $5

Bill Castro 76 Topps $5

Billy Joe Robidoux 86 Donruss $3

Billy Joe Robidoux 86 Fleer $3

Ron Roenicke 82 Fleer $5

Ron Roenicke 82 Topps $5

Bill Wegman 86 Donruss $3

Jerry Augustine 76 Topps $4

Tony Mandarich 89 Proset $4

Tony Mandarich 89 Score $4

Sterling Sharpe 89 Topps $7

Chris Jacke 89 Score $5

Chris Jacke 89 Topps $5


Milwaukee Brewers SP Authentic Autographed By The Letter Cards

MILWAUKEE (All Bill Hall cards from 2008)

Brewers (Bill Hall cards except for W(06 Rickie Weeks) and S(06 Ben Sheets)

In a frame. $125 for the whole set.



1990 Milwaukee Brewers Program $5

1991 Milwaukee Brewers Program (Rangers vs Brewers Unused Scorecard inside) $4

!992 Milwaukee Brewers Program (White Sox vs Brewers Unused Scorecard inside) Phil Garner cover $5

1992 Milwaukee Brewers Program (Indians vs Brewers Unused Scorecard inside) Robin Yount cover $6

1993 Milwaukee Brewers Program Darryl Hamilton cover $4


Email me at scott.sopa@hotmail.com with any questions.

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