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The End of April Early Reaction Prospect Rankings:


The End of April Early Reaction Prospect Rankings:


1. Orlando Arcia - Pos. SS – Level AA – Age 20

The (now) sweet swinging, defensive wiz, short stop is easily/clearly #1. Coming into the season I think he was neck and neck with Tyrone Taylor for the top spot. My (very) early reaction to the first month of the season is not that Taylor has moved down, but that Arcia has put himself onto another level and the gap between the two has widened. Arcia is still a defensive Ace at a premium position and he happens to be tearing the cover off the ball to the tune of a 1.088 OPS. Turning into a true A grade prospect, viva la revivefier to the farm!


2. Tyrone Taylor – Pos. CF – Level AA – Age 21

Taylor is off to a slow start at the plate, but in the last week his bat has shown signs of starting to heat up. Another plus defender at a premium position, like Arcia, Taylor has shown an advanced bat and premium athleticism at every level so far. With the jump to AA generally being the biggest and most difficult for young players it’s very easy to look past the slightly slow start. Taylor is still the future after Carlos Gomez leaves for a GaZILLION $$ deal.


3. Clint Coulter – Pos. RF/LF – Level A+ - Age 21

Coulter is off to a HOT start at the offensives suppressive Brevard County/FSL environment. He is pushing hard for the number 2 spot, and if he keeps up this level of power and patience he might just start to push for the number 1 spot because as we all know, chicks dig the long ball! He is the Dean Portman of the Manatees’ version Disney’s D2 The Mighty Ducks’ Bash Brothers. He is straight mashing right now and joins a fellow returning masher in Victor Roach (Fulton Reed). He is OPSing over 1.100. I wouldn’t expect Coulter to move up a level this season, especially given the Brewers usual conservative nature with promotions, but this season seems different under new scouting director Ray Montgomery so don’t be shocked to see Coulter in Biloxi sometime after the draft if he continues to OPS of 1000.


4. Tyler Wagner – Pos. RHP – Level AA – Age 24

Here we have it, the first real way to soon bump in ranking! Wagner has been amazing the last couple seasons. He has flown under the radar. He has had a cloud of “we aren’t going to rank him high because he doesn’t have the pedigree and we are waiting for the wheels to fall off, just wait till he gets to AA and that 93 (95 tops) FB isn’t over powering hitters anymore,” that seems to follow him around when it comes to prospect lists (kind of like Mike Fiers did, except Wagner has much stronger stuff). Well AA is here and he is continuing to dominate (!), time to give the man his due!!!


5. Gilbert Lara – Pos. SS – Rookie – Age 17

This is on potential alone. Reports out of spring are that he’s even further along than they thought, he plays a premium position (and the Brewers think he will stay there), and the young man will debut stateside! What else do you need to get excited about a 17 year old international signing?!?

6. Kodi Medeiros – LHP – A – Age 18

Let me just say that it’s time to start getting excited about last season’s top draft pick (who somehow seems to be getting overlooked). Why? Because, in short, it looks like the Brewers did an excellent job in evaluation (for a change). Quick hits: 2.93 ERA, 0.78 WHIP, 20K in 15IP, 18 years young, Left-handedness!

7. Jake Gatewood – Pos. SS – A – Age 19

Another SS in the top ten you say. Gatewood is in this spot for me for 4 reasons 1. POTENTIAL, he has loads of it and hes young 2. He plays a premium position 3. He appears to have made nice progress over the winter 4. I am not at all worried about results, this was an aggressive move by the brewers and his struggles are entirely expected, it seems that the front office felt he would get more out of playing with the rattlers than sitting in extended spring training.

8. Monte Harrison – Pos. CF – Level A – Age 19

See above… Why rank Gatewood higher? Number 3, it looks like Gatewood might have taken a bigger step over the winter. Maybe I could have ranked them 7a and 7b. Regardless of which is ahead of the other, these to two exciting young players to follow. I believe both will be send down once rookie leagues start, but don’t worry it’s not a true demotion.


9. Luis Sardinas – Pos. SS – Level AAA – Age 21

A 4th shortstop in the top ten, seriously, really… Yes. Sardinas looks like a nice return for Gallardo in the early season. Hearing that Sweet thinks he has 15 HR potential entirely changes my opinion on this young man. Oh, and he’s hitting the ball nicely at AAA.


10. Victor Roach – Pos. LF/RF – Level A+ - Age 23

It looks like Roach didn’t like getting passed over for a promotion to Biloxi and it looks like he’s taking it out on FSL pitching!! Fulton Reed is still striking out too much, but you cannot deny that slap shot. Its nice to have this power prospect back in the top ten, lets hope he keeps it up!


11. Devin Williams – Pos. RHP – Level A – Age 20

All the potential in the world here, that’s what has him just outside the top 10. The Stuff is good and could become great as he learns to pitch. Currently on the DL, so not much to go on here.


12. Taylor Jungmann – Pos. RHP – Level AAA – Age 25

I am giving Jungmann a bit of a pass here on his current on field results for a couple reasons. The first is that he cannot possibly have taken this big of a step back, the second is that he’s pitching in Colorado springs so there obviously needs to be an adjustment period. I believe hes still viewed as the teams 6th starter, coming in outside the top 10 I think shows the progression of this system from very bad to very right in the middle of the pack.


13. Taylor Williams – Pos. RHP – Level AA – Age 23

Currently on the DL, Williams gets this spot based off past performance. I am very tempted to move him up based on reports out of big league spring training, and once he start playing, if the results are there he is probably in my top 10. This kid has potential to be a big league middle rotation pitcher and there is no shortage of people in love with his Stuff.


14. Yadiel Rivera – Pos. SS – Level AA – Age 22

WTH, what’s wrong with me, I haven’t even made it out of the top 15 yet and here’s another shortstop… Plain and simple, the Brewers are loaded at MLBs most premium position. Rivera’s glove has been ready for a couple years already and something clicked with the bat in the second half last season and early indications this year are that it’s not a fluke (amazing what getting out of BC can do for a bat). DM has built some nice collateral here.


15. Michael Reed – Pos. OF – Level AA – Age 22

This kid has developed nicely. So much to like here, but, yes there it is, the B word… he is in an unfortunate position, or plays one. Reed might not have the power to play the corners at the next level, and he might not have the elite speed/athleticism to play the middle. So much to like here let’s just keep watching this young man.


16. Brooks Hall – Pos. RHP – Level AA – Age 24

Fun/frustrating career to follow so far. I’m happy to rank him this high… finally. I’m happy hes missing bats… finally. Injuries are the main culprit here and a mysterious loss of velocity is the other. Brooks is off to a phenomenal start and it’s time for him to keep that momentum and run with it and be the guy that had me pumped that the Brewers had a steal in the 2009 4th round!


17. Jorge Lopez – Pos. RHP – Level AA – Age 22

He might not have a bigger fan than me, he was in my top 10 last year and if he makes some adjustments and comes on here soon he will quickly work his way back up my list. He has made solid strides since being drafted. He has every tool you want. He’s still just brimming with potential, but such is drafting high-school pitchers. He could flame out right here at this level, he could put it together and become a big leaguer, and he could still project out and become a top of the rotation pitcher (regardless of what anyone says, yes, he still has top of the rotation potential).


18. Brandon Diaz – Pos. CF – Level A – Age 20

This kids is very likeable. The tools are there. Can he put them to use? Stay tuned. Slow start so far at Wisconsin, but hes still young and its still early.


19. Johnny Hellweg – Pos. RHP – Level AAA – Age 26

Hes old, hes been injured (still coming back from tommy johns), he had a rocky at best big league debut. Now let’s talk about the good things. Two years ago he was a top 5 arm, how soon we forget. He has (had) a 100 mph electric fastball that topped out at 91/92 and was straight as an arrow when he was with the brewers (weird), something was up and I would love to see him get another shot. Because he could set up hitters with the fastball we never really saw if the breaking stuff could play. Believe it or not he has nearly as much big league potential as any on the list.


20. Jason Rogers – Pos. 3b – Level AAA/MLB – Age 27

Always the bridesmaid never the bride… he just might be underrated. He also might be the future at 3rd base for a while. Anxious to see how he hits MLB pitching.


21. Kyle Wren – Pos. CF – Level AA – Age 24

Solid pickup by the brewers after the braves cleaned house. 4th outfielder potential, maybe more, probably not. Hasn’t hit yet for his new club, but has shown previous seasons that he’s a prospect.


22. David Denson – Pos. 1B – Level A – Age 20

Love the power, cant wait till he hits enough to see it. 3 words, potential, potential, and potential. For some reason I feel myself starting to give up on him, tell me I’m wrong, PLEASE. Better yet, lets hope he shows me im wrong.


23. Drew Gagnon – Pos. RHP – Level AAA – Age 24

What have you done for me lately Drew. Im not sure Drew has done anything wrong outside of a slow start at AAA (shouldn’t be unexpected), and the Brewers system getting a whole lot better at the top. Still a lot to like and a potential future back end starter.


24. Hobbs Johnson – Pos. LHP – Level AA – Age 23

The Brewers just might have found a gem here. One of the least exciting draft picks for me. Falls into the “plays for a top program, obligatory middle round pick, future reliever” stereo type for me… wait, I mean FELL. The Stuff might be the worst on this list, but the man can pitch and he does it from the left side. Prove me wrong sir!


25. Miguel Diaz – Pos. RHP – Level Rookie – Age 20

He takes the last spot strictly on potential. When a guy is an international signing that repeats the DSL and doesn’t have a great stateside debut it’s hard to get excited. When you read that same guys scouting reports and words and phrases like ‘electric’, ‘upper 90s fb’, ‘misses bats’, ‘slider is an out pitch’, and ‘only getting better’ its easy to get excited. I put him here over Marco Diplan due to organizational bias .


Just missed the list:


Marcos Diplan

Corey Knebel

Wei-chung Wang

David Goforth

Chris Mcfarland

Tucker Neuhaus

Jordan Yamamoto

Matt Clark

Sthervin Matos

David Burkhalter

Joantgel Segovia

Jed Bradley

Ariel Pena

Tyler Cravy

Orlando Torrez

Luis Aviles

Miton Gomez

Hiram Burgos

Nicholas Pierre

Franly Mallen

Javier Salas

Jorge Ortega

Brandon Woodruff

Angel Ortega

Cy Sneed

Omar Garcia

Victor Diaz

Dustin Demuth

Damien Magnifico

Gian Rizzo

Cameron Garfield

Troy Stokes

Jacob Barnes

Brent Suter

Austin Ross

Jose Pena

Johnny Davis

Taylor Brennan

Elvis Rubio

J.B. Kole


There’s enough for a power 50 here, finally!

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