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Scooter Gnome giveaway


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Scooter had always been slighted for his size. Thus being compared to a gnome could be insulting or he a good sense humor about it.


Garza is 6'4" and had a gnome earlier this year. What would be that comparison?


Calling a bald man, "Curly"?


I started the post more as an amusing observation. Not a concern that Scooter was greatly insulted.

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No offense to anyone, but I can't imagine this being a reason to go to a game if you weren't already going.

For what it's worth, I thought I saw more than the usual amount of Gennett/Scooter gear on fans yesterday. *shrug*


Didn't notice any more or less Scooter gear. My wife wore her Gennett jersey shirt but she wears that to every game. I honestly couldn't believe how empty it was for a giveway day. I understand bad team/NFL season, but still. There was free stuff to be had!!!

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