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2015-10-03 Cubs (Hendricks) at Brewers (Wagner), 6:10 PM [Brewers lose, 1-0]


[igt-2012][game-setup][logo]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2014/logos/cubs.png[/logo][game-info][h1]October 3 | 6:10 P.M.[/h1][h2]Cubs (95-65) | Brewers (68-92)[/h2][h3]FSWI | WTMJ 620[/h3][/game-info][logo]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2014/logos/brewers.png[/logo][/game-setup][pitching-photos]cubs-2015_hendricks-kyle.jpgbrewers-2015_wagner-tyler6.jpg[/pitching-photos][game-matchup][divclass=away][pitcher]Kyle Hendricks[/pitcher][h2]7-7, 4.09 ERA, 1.20 WHIP[/h2][h3]Versus Brewers | Game Log[/h3][h3]After his last outing, when he tossed six scoreless innings while allowing two hits and two walks, Hendricks said he felt at his best. The 25 year old has thrown three quality starts in his last four outings, striking out 27.[/h3][/divclass][divclass=home][pitcher]Tyler Wagner[/pitcher][h2]0-1, 11.74 ERA, 2.61 WHIP[/h2][h3]Game Log[/h3][h3]Wagner won the Double-A Southern League’s ERA title (2.25). But has not been effective in his two starts in the Majors, allowing 15 hits and five walks in 7 innings. Here, he gets one more shot.[/h3][/divclass][starting-lineup][divclass=away]

  1. CF Dexter Fowler (S)
  2. RF Kyle Schwarber (L)
  3. 3B Kris Bryant ®
  4. 1B Anthony Rizzo (L)
  5. 2B Starlin Castro ®
  6. LF Chris Coghlan (L)
  7. SS Addison Russell ®
  8. C David Ross ®
  9. RHP Kyle Hendricks ®


  1. 2B Scooter Gennett (L)
  2. SS Jean Segura ®
  3. 1B Adam Lind (L)
  4. LF Khris Davis ®
  5. CF Domingo Santana ®
  6. RF Shane Peterson (L)
  7. 3B Hernan Perez ®
  8. C Martin Maldonado ®
  9. RHP Tyler Wagner ®

[/divclass][/starting-lineup][/game-matchup][game-links][h3][chat]BrewerFan Chat[/chat] | MLB Gameday[/h3][/game-links][/igt-2012]

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

[align=right]-- Sigmund Snopek[/align]

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Agreed with Reilly. That pitching motion seems like he's showing the ball to the hitter vs hiding it as long as possible. I think batters...ML ones will pick up on his pitches sooner and figure him out quick. This vs Fiers who's delivery hid the ball better.


I hope for the Brewers KRod gets some well deserved trade offers. Such a well located change up. Easy to set batters up for Ks or ground ball outs.


Jeffress' excitement/emotion showing may be a call of his to garner closer consideration, should KRod get traded. Gotta Love man on 3b 0outs and Ks the side to end the threat. What a closer should be capable to do.


I missed Smith's inning, but know he's got a nasty slider vs LHB.


If I had my choice I'd put Wagner in the Pen and get Thornburg Starter ready for 2016 so long as he's healthy.

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