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Myers is a live body that any team could put in centerfield, just like the Brewers could put Tellez in centerfield. It doesn't mean that Myers can effectively play centerfield. The metrics show that he can play a decent left field, plays a passable first base, but would be a huge liability if put in centerfield or right field.


The money is much closer than what you suggest. Myers gets 20 million this year and then a 1 million buyout the following year. Bradley gets 9.5 million this year (with much deferred) and 8 million dollars for the buyout the following year, so 17.5 million total. So the end financial difference is really only 5 million. However, whatever team pays Bradley this season only pays him 3 million of his 2022 salary, whereas with Myers the team has to pay him his entire 20 million dollar salary.


So this trade immediately bumps the Brewers payroll from what I estimate to be about 105 million all the way up to 122 million. It's probably questionable if Attanasio would even be willing to go that high, but even if he was, it very likely means the Brewers would have near no room to make any other moves.

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I have always been tantalized by Myers' talent. I thought he was going to be an all-star level player. Things just never clicked.


In the end, I don't see him hitting any better than Rowdy. And Bradley has a chance rebound. Plus he at least has some value as a defensive player (something Myers doesn't have). So I'd just pass - unless the club has some secret sauce they think we help Myers rebound.

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How about Bradley and his $11 million to SD for Myers and his $22.5 million? Myers can play anywhere in the OF and 1B where he could platoon with Tellez.


I would trade Yelich straight up for Meyers today, tomorrow, next week (or as soon as the lockout ends) … he would be a defensive & offensive improvement & would cost far less $$$.


He could be the primary LF & spell Tellez at 1B. That would give Taylor some well-deserved OF time too.


I can’t imagine either team making this trade, but one can dream!


The greatest benefit to me would be shedding 8 years at $26M with Yelich … I might even include a top prospect to make this deal happen.


BTW - I love Yelich as a person … he has been a great face for the franchise - a truly likable person with good character. His play however has been terrible - both offensively & defensively - his arm is weak & his confidence is shattered.


So - I’d love to make this swap!

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