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2022 Roster (January)

Based on the current 40 man roster.......


SP: Burnes, Woodruff, Houser, Peralta, Lauer

RP: Suter, Mejia, Topa, Cousins, Gustave, Ashby (7th), Williams, (8th), Hader (9th)

C: Narvaez, Severino

1B: Tellez, Huira

2B: Wong

3B: Urias

SS: Adames

OF: Cain, Yelich, Refroe, Taylor

Utility: Peterson, Brosseau



Wong 2B

Yelich DH

Adames SS

Tellez 1B

Renfroe RF

Narvaez C

Taylor LF

Cain CF

Urias 3B



Wong 2B

Yelich LF

Adames SS

Renfroe DH

Taylor RF

Cain CF

Narvaez C

Huira 1B

Urias 3B



* Another bullpen flyer or two to create more competition.

* Trade House for a RP or 1B/DH and move Ashby to the rotation (but that kills any depth).




* Renfroe and Taylor need to hit .250 with 20 HR's each.

* Is Urias wasted in the 9th spot? Could he hit .275 and hit 2nd?

* Yelich needs to be Yelich.

* 1B/DH has the potential to be a trainwreck.

* The rotation is pretty sweet.

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I think Ashby is going to be our 6th starter, assuming we are going to roll with a 6 man rotation.
"I'm sick of runnin' from these wimps!" Ajax - The WARRIORS
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2b: Wong

ss: Adames

lf: Yelich

rf: Renfroe

c: Narvaez

3b: Urias

1b: Tellez

cf: Cain

bench: Severino, Peterson, Broussard, Taylor, Mathias

rotation: Burnes, Woodruff, Peralta, Houser, Lauer

bullpen: Hader (closer), D. Williams (setup), Cousins (7th), Topa (middle), A. Perdomo (middle), Sanchez (middle), Suter (multi), Ashby (multi)


1. Yelich needs to rebound. 2020 was bad luck with BABIP. 2021 was something else... maybe the back.

2. I'm assuming a 5-man rotation, barring a lengthy lockout. Crew is seven-deep, with Bettinger/Small/File/Lindbloom at AAA.

3. Hirua goes to AAA. If he hits enough, he comes up. But otherwise, Mathias adds more versatility.

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I like David Dahl as our DH in 2022... He hit really well in AAA last year... .327/.375/.536 with a .911 OPS sure it was only 31 games but I would love to take a flier on him to see if he returns to hitter he was in 2019.












I really don't mind that lineup!

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If Dahl is our plan at DH, I am not cool with that.


P U !


Yea you're right... Dahl would be better served as 5th OF/Bench bat for us.


Then they need to sign someone like Soler or Conforto as our DH... Or even Eddie Rosario since we were interested in him last offseason.


I love the thought of the 20+ HR hitters we have now... Adames, Yelich, Renfroe, Tellez, Urias and whoever we sign to DH.

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