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The Starting Centerfielder on Opening Day

2023 Brewers Starting Centerfielder  

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  1. 1. Who do you EXPECT to start in CF on Opening Day?

    • Tyrone Taylor
    • Garrett Mitchell
    • Sal Frelick
  2. 2. Who do you WANT to start in CF on Opening Day?

    • Tyrone Taylor
    • Garrett Mitchell
    • Sal Frelick

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All three of them have positives.

Taylor's got the largest MLB sample size, he provides right-handed power, and his defense is quite good.

Mitchell's got speed, some power, and excellent defense.

Frelick's got the highest offensive upside (he's a pure hitter like Cirillo) and he has speed.

None of them are horrible options.

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Well with the lists having been posted and I don't believe Mitchell was on 2 of them. Easy choice is Sal Frelick to be CF on Opening day. Mitchell can return to AAA until the team removes Taylor or the OF suffers an injury.  But ya'll should know this feeling already.  I wanted to find a reason for Taylor to stay as a platoon starter, but he's worse vs LH pitching not just last season but for career. 

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I think it will all depend on how they look in spring training.

I think right now, it's Mitchell, and even if Frelick outplays him in ST, I think Mitchell still gets the start.  The only way Frelick starts out on the opening day roster is if he plays so great, that they can't ignore it.  I mean, he has to be lights out!

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I think it'll be Mitchell and it should be Mitchell. Start Frelick in AAA to gain that extra year of control. Mitchell played well at the end of last year and while I'm skeptical he can keep it up I'd love to see him get a chance

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Frelick has already talked about being at AAA to start the year and he is bailing out for the WBC. I doubt he is even a consideration for the OD roster barring injuries. A prospect doesn’t go play around in the WBC if he actually has a chance to make the roster. That would just be idiotic on their part.


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