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Could this be the end of Jack Z?

This might have been better fit in an earlier thread that was talking about Jocketty leaving St. Louis, but I decided I would just start a new thread on this.


I wasn't sure whether or not I should start this thread because of all the negative talk it could bring to the table, but with all the hype around this Brewer team and the number of homegrown players on it, isn't he bound to be offered a GM position sooner rather than later?


I was curious to see if anybody had any names for people that might be being groomed to replace him if in fact he does leave. I would really hate to see him go to Chicago, especially with the possibility of one of the minority owners of the Brewers taking over the helm.


There are probably going to be quite a few GMs (Cashman and Jocketty in particular) who I don't want to see in Chicago. If Hendry is on his way out, what GMs DON'T you want to see take over the Cubs?

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I had always thought that he said he didn't have ambtions of being a GM, but maybe I'm wrong.


Either way, there are more highly thought of scouting directors than Jack Z. (Logan White, as an example), who would be a flashier pick for the job in a big market like Chicago.

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I was looking through the list of Brewers' draftees, and I think Jack Z. has as much to do with this team's turnaround and subsequent success as Doug Melvin. Pre Jack, a decade's worth of #1 picks netted us Sheets, Jenkins and not much else. Post Jack has netted us a field full of young studs.


That being said, I agree with the posters that stated Chicago (and other big markets) want flashier names. I don't see the Cubs going after someone with no prior GM experience. I could see Gord Ash being a candidate, as he's had success in Toronto as a GM in addition to what he's done with Milwaukee.


Bottom line: I'd hate to lose either of them, but unfortunately that sometimes comes with success

"The most successful (people) know that performance over the long haul is what counts. If you can seize the day, great. But never forget that there are days yet to come."


~Bill Walsh

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