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why im rooting for the cardinals... (among other things)


i'll explain the cardinals thing at the end. but check this out first:


I started thinking about this while checking out the home vs road thread...


Many people have mentioned in previous threads that we have an easier schedule in the second half, and that we've already made our tough west coast and east coast trips; so I decided to actually put some numbers with it, while comparing this year to last year at this time.


After 6/28:

'06 record: 39-40

'07 record: 46-32 = 7.5 game difference


I was glad to see 2 things when comparing our records this year and last year as far as record against other divisions.


1. this year, we don't have a losing record against any division or league (NL cent, east, west, and the AL). Last year, we had losing records against 3 of the 4 at this time.


2. Looking ahead after the all-star break: this year we have 6 home series out of our division and only 4 road series out of our division. in '06, we had only 3 home series compared to 6 on the road.


Bottom line: we already have a 7.5 game lead on "ourselves" from last year, and the schedule this year in the 2nd half is much easier. this is why i am not worried about anyone in our division.


in fact, in certain situations i find myself rooting for some teams in our division. my thought process is this: if a NL central team not named the Cubs is playing against another NL team with a winning record, i am rooting for the NL central team, cause I want the best record in the NL (not just a division title or a playoff birth).


call me greedy, i dont care. but for instance, im rooting for the cards tonight against the mets, and the astros and cards next week!


GO CREW!!! and lets scratch out 2 W's this weekend please

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I would like to finish with the best record in the NL so that no one can say we only won because we played in the weak NL Central. But I'm not going to root for any other divisional rival, at least not until we clinch the division.






Also, I can't root for the Cardinals.

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I can't argue with any of that.


I hate the cardinals too, but when you watch any game (or at least, when I do), you just have a feeling inside of you that tells you who you REALLY want to win the game.


It doesn't matter if you are supposed to root against a team, you cant control it. And for some reason I've had that gut feeling of wanting the cardinals to beet the mets.


A good example of this was the yankees-giants series last weekend. I absolutely hate both teams. so if you asked me mid-week, i would have no idea who i wanted to win the game, or preferred to win. but once i was actually watching, without even thinking, i was "rooting" inside for the giants to win. i guess i just hate the yankees that much.


Actually, maybe its not really me rooting for the cardinals to win, more of the mets to lose. That way, I'm not hoping a divisional rival wins...

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I'm still just hoping we can hold on and win the Central. It ain't over by a longshot. Yeah we have a nice lead right now, but I'd bet it ends up a much tighter race at the end. Remember, we are a couple key injuries away from a second-half meltdown (as pretty much any team is). Let's not start counting our chickens just yet, eh?
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good points slobber (lol)


its just hard not to get excited and look ahead and think of what could be


ive only been close to being this excited about a sports team 3 other times in my life:

(packers during the 2 superbowl years, MU in the final 4, and the bucks in '01)


but i think this tops them all http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


i wont pee my pants if they make the playoffs, but i will cry like a baby if they win the series... lol


nice picture (animation) by the way. good stuff

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I would like to finish with the best record in the NL so that no one can say we only won because we played in the weak NL Central.


I don't really care what people say. They will say that anyway. I would like to finish with the best record in the NL so that we have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

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I still cannot help thinking that when October rolls around, it is going to be the Cardinals winning the Central. They lost their top three starters, SS, CF, C, RF, and while they are well below .500, they have managed to stay within striking distance. Had the Brewers lost say Sheets, Capuano, Hardy, Hall, Estrada, Jenkins - all at the same time, riase your hand if you think they woould be in as good of shape as the Cardinals are right now. As these guys start to get healthy and come back, I have to say they make me nervous - no to mention their ability to make a move or two. It would be very much in teh Brewers (and Cubs) interest to create as much distance as they can, as soon as they can. When they end of July rolls around, I would like them to be obvious sellers.
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