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Starting Pitchers on the Road & the lineup card...


Partially inspired by today's game....but I think it's something that has been discussed here before:


Is there any reason why a manager would actually list his starting pitcher as the # 9 batter when submitting his starting lineup while on the road?


When a team does bat around in the first inning, not having listed the starting pitcher would allow the team to pinch-hit for the pitcher's spot without peril. If the Brewers were to, for instance, list the prior day's starting pitcher on the lineup card, the only player they'd "lose" is one who would never have otherwise appeared in the game. After the first half-inning, the manager would insert the starting pitcher in his traditional spot in the order, and the game continues as normal.



About the only rationale that I can think of for not doing this (besides from a rule that I just don't know about) is that the position player called on to pinch-hit in the first inning could be severely missed if an injury were to occur....such that the risk of losing the player outweighs the value of a PH when that situation actually occurs.

That being said, just once I'd love to see a manager try this.

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Doesn't a pitcher have to face at least one hitter once they are announced?


If that is the case, and you listed the previous days starter, and your team did bat around, I think that the previous days starter would have to hit because they have to throw to at least one better.



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Doesn't a pitcher have to face at least one hitter once they are announced?


I swear we talked about this last year. (Or else I am crazy, because it was the first thing that popped into my head when YoGa batted)


I thought the final verdict was that it was technically legal to have a different starting pitcher. It was just considered "bush league" and if anyone ever did it they would end up changing the rules.


But of course, I might have missed the ending of that thread.

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