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2007 Brewers = 1995 Packers


Sorry to make a reference to another sport on the MLB board, but this is what I keep thinking watching the Brewers lately. The 1995 Packers team (in my opinion) had lots of talent - they won some huge games that year. But, in the end, their youth sometimes got in the way of winning more - they had to learn how to win. (The playoff game against the Cowboys perhaps showed this completely)


I see so many parallels between that Packer team and this Brewer team. There is no doubt the 07 Brewers are talented, yet they often show their age in letting winnable games get away. The Crew still has to learn how to truly win before we can truly contend for a World Series.


I still think we will make the playoffs this year, but I think the Brewers big fortune will come in 2008 (just like what happened to the Packers in 1996)




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I don't disagree but it doesn't really seem to be the young guys who are having the problems. Its Cordero and the starting pitchers who should be the more veteran core of the team that is costing us most of these games.
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