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This is getting ridculous

It seems like every thread that has some sort of argument is getting locked. Like the dog thread, why was that locked? Just because a couple of people have had some disagreements it gets locked? Like this one where someone is complaning about a avatar issue here was the reason it was locked: I only see trouble headed our way and I would like to avoid that. Isn't that the point of the thread? To discuss issues of why something was locked or if someone had a problem with something? When I first joined none of this occured, barley any topics getting locked and so on. Now it seems like every single topic that is negative is getting locked. I appreciate all the effort and work put into this site, but I am just looking for an explanition on why so many topics are getting locked that involve a friendly argument. Don't take this has a bad thing but take this is a issue you can review and improve on.

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Not a mod, so take this for what its worth. That thread was headed down a dark, dark path, namely politics and religion. Due to the 2004 election, where civil discussion became seemingly impossible, threads that take on a political or religious tone are discouraged. After all, this IS a baseball website, and there are certainly tons of other more appropriate places for that kind of discussion.


Yea, the past few weeks has not been fun at all on this website. Civility -20.

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I admitted that I was a little harsh and said I thought he was a Cubs troll. I assumed it was over. He responds two hours later by writing an indignant screed the length of War and Peace. Frankly, I'm glad it was locked because I'm in no mood to argue backa nd forth with a guy who accuses people of "racism" and prejudice because they think an avatar that prominently features the word "Jewboys" (which, yes, despite whatever appropriation by Jews, is often used as a slur) is questionable.
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The dogs thread was locked because it had completely lost its topic and was headed into uncomfortable topics. If you read back through those posts, you won't find a reason for that thread to exist on a baseball site, it was long gone from baseball discussion.


The whole "Jewboys" issue needs to be put to rest. This site was never intended to be a political or a religious forum. This is a baseball site, that's all it is, that's all anyone should ever expect it to be.


We were trying to avoid conflict when we initially asked for the removal of that avatar, we suspected that some would take offense, we acted to prevent that from happening. It turns out, we were right, some of our members were indeed offended by the term used in that avatar. Let's be clear here, and let's stop being ridiculous...no one was offended by the term Jew, people did not like the term "Jewboys", which is a well-known racial slur. There is no debate on that issue, the term has existed for generations.


There are no mods here who are looking for reasons to lock threads. The rules of this site are very simple and basic - be courteous, be respectful, stay away from politics and religion, and have something to say. There's not a lot more to it than that.


If you don't like something a mod does, that's fine, we're all people here, disagreement is bound to happen at times. What's wrong with sending a PM to the mod asking why a decision was made?


If you look at the name of the site, and think about what the staff here is saying and doing, you will realize we're all on the same team here. It's not "Us Against Them", we're all Brewer fans, who come here to talk baseball.


Relax folks, it's just a game.

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Threads are not just closed or locked for little to no reason. I know it may seem that way at times, but please believe that they are not. I understand that seeing a conversation that may interest members for various reasons get locked down is a bummer at times. Unfortunately, it happens.

I locked down a thread once prematurely and was questioned about it. I realized I was wrong and that I should have let the thread play itself out. One thing that I have learned since then that many of you are not aware of is that threads get locked for several reasons.


Perhaps the most obvious reason would be the double thread. I've double posted, I've been locked down. I've locked duplicate threads as well. It happens, and will always happen. Why have multiple threads on one subject which raise page views (and therefore costs) and make it much more difficult to converse about something? Easy and non-problematic. Lock dupe threads.


I recently locked my own thread in the Major League Forum announcing Fan Fest of 2007 and redirecting traffic to this particular forum. Again, no problems in that thread being locked.


The third type of thread to be locked is the tough one. Controversial threads cause headaches for people. Not only are the posters involved, but the entire community is involved.

Brewerfan.net has a fine reputation and is often quoted in baseball articles around the league. We have drawn attention from team players, the organization as a whole, minor league affiliates, radio broadcasters, players family members, the list goes on impressively. All of us here are the reason for such accolades. One of the brightest spots of our site is the fact that you could feel comfortable with your kids reading the site. We use curse filters, don't tolerate belittling of fellow members, and so forth.


In some instances and issue will be presented that can stir deep emotions with several members of the site or just folks walking around the internet reading about the team we all love. Race, religion, and politics can be the death of fine sites like this one. If things get out of hand, a reputation is established that is unwanted.

I agree with all of you that in some views, specific threads should not be locked. This is human nature. We all see things differently. It can be the gray area that makes things difficult to moderate threads and it is in my opinion, done pretty well on this site. I don't moderate all that often. Our moderators do an outstanding job of it.


In some cases when threads get all heated up, the moderators will ask for each others view points about the thread and what actions should be taken or not taken. It is only after debate or the general consensus that a thread be locked that action is taken. Often times, the threads author is spoken to via private message.


Closing a thread is the last option we use when a thread is leading to what would be a fist fight in a bar or someplace. It's kind of like sending folks to neutral corners for a little break. We don't like to do it, but sometimes (which lately may surely seem often) we need to close threads.


You can always feel free to ask a moderator or a staff member why a thread was locked or moved and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.


I hope this helps.

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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