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Looking to trade for bobbles; Lots of bobbles/autos to offer


My brothers and I have got some extra bobbleheads we would like to trade so we can add ones we don't have to our collection. Here's what we have to offer:



Gorman Thomas (White)



2 Carlos Lee (White)



Andrew Bogut (Bucks)

Chris Capuano (2007 Home Uniform)

Prince Fielder (2007 Home Uniform)

Paul Molitor (White or Blue)

3 Ben Oglivie (White or Blue)



2007 Miller Lite Beer Pen T-Shirt (Size Medium, never worn)

Various autographs from Beloit Snappers games, including Prince Fielder and Manny Parra; as well as Midwest League Coaches including Don Money, Gary Lucas, and Lance Parrish



We are looking to trade for more bobblehead dolls. We're looking for a couple white Charlie Moores, a Cecil Cooper from this year, and whatever else you'd be interested in trading. We'd like to trade in person. We'll be at plenty more games this year, including all of the all-fan giveaways, and I will be going to school at Marquette so I'll be in the Milwaukee area when school starts. If you have any questions or would like to offer a trade, feel free to post, message me, or e-mail me at bucksandy34@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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As of last night the Blue Oglivie has been traded. Also, we now have a pinstripe Harvey Kuenn to add to the list and an XL Miller Lite Party Section T-shirt (never worn). Here is more detailed list of some we're looking for:



Charlie Moore

Cecil Cooper



Damian Miller

Derrick Turnbow

Robin Yount (Current Uniform)



Rollie Fingers



Jeffrey Hammonds



Ben Sheets Futures

Hank Aaron



Geoff Jenkins

Robin Yount


We'd also be interested in Brewers' minor league bobbles.


We realize that some of these are more rare/popular than others, and would be willing to trade more for those. Also, just because it isn't on our list doesn't mean we won't trade for it. Thanks!

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i have a moore and a cooper, but it is blue, one of the things that I have really wanted for a while now is one of those Brewers coolers that they gave away this year, or one of the ones that was given away a couple years ago, also, what row were you in last night, because my dad and I were also in the party section, which happened to be 426
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I don't have a cooler from this year, but I have one that we got a couple years back. It's been used a bit, but it is still in good condition. I don't know if it's one you're looking for, but it has ads for Edy's Ice Cream and Jewel-Osco on the front and the Brewers logo on the top. I'd be happy to e-mail you a picture or two if you want. Also, we were actually one section over from the party section. We moved over when the Diamond Dancers came up haha. I was wearing a bright yellow shirt with 73 on the back. Where were you?
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It has been used a handful of times, but I cleaned it out. If you'd like a better look, I can send you closer up pics. I'd also be happy to let you inspect it before a deal. I'd want to trade in person anyway. I'd like to trade for the Moore if the cooler works for you. The next game I'll be at is August 31st. Let me know.
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