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Text messaging Googl (46645)


I am a text-messaging fanatic.


A friend recently told me about texting googl on a cel phone, 46645. You can put in pretty much anything you want (a bar name and a city, 'cubs score' whatever) and it will usually come back with a response.


I've used it to get phone #'s for restaurants, addresses, and... of course... cub's scores when I'm not by a tv or the internet.


Figured I'd give everyone the pleasure of knowing about this.

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Yeah, standard rates apply. To goof around, you'd ideally have a text message package.


But text message package or not, this service sure beats most cell companies' rates for directory assistance.


Another good one is 4INFO (44636).


By the way, you can use these services for Brewer scores, standings, weather, movie listings, and all kinds of stuff.


Google Mobile (this page has a nice practice thinger)


4INFO Mobile

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I tried this text messaging deal and it really works. I was filling out a job application and needed the number and address of one of my former employers while I filled it out at the place of employment and within 5 seconds I not only get a good reply, but two more text messages with further info.
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most of the info can be gained with a wireless web, which is only 5 bucks a month. It would of been nice to know about this one last weekend while camping and i couldn't get a score on the web so i had to bother my friends back home for updates.
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