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Who were Braun's homers?

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That's an interesting question. Also, it would be interesting to know who he hit his regular season homers off of too. Not that I think it matters that much, but it could give us a little idea of how long it might take him to adjust to MLB.
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2 of Brauns regular season homers were off Chan Ho Park. last nights was off of Blake Hawksworth, who was once a top prospect who had fallen, and is now regaining his luster. Todays was off of Troy Cate, who is unknown to me. If someone really wanted to know who he hit the other 6 off of, they could just comb through the Link Reports.


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-Posted by the fan formerly known as X ellence. David Stearns has brought me back..

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I found 5 pre-season homers for him. Not sure if he had any more. Here were the pitchers:


Oakland - S. Dunn; J. Windsor

SF - R. Meaux

LAA - E. Santana

Cubs - R. O'Malley


Santana seems to be the only big name of the bunch.

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10 AAA home runs so far this season;


1) RHP Ezequiel Astacio / Oklahoma Redhawks (Rangers)


2, 3, and 4) RHP Chan Ho Park / New Orleans Zephyrs (Mets)


5) LHP Adam Bostick / New Orleans Zephyrs (Mets)


6) LHP Ryan O'Malley / Iowa Cubs (Cubs)


7) LHP Les Walrond / Iowa Cubs (Cubs)


8) RHP Randy Wells / Iowa Cubs (Cubs)


9) RHP Blake Hawksworth / Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals)


10) LHP Troy Cate / Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals)

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