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24 Different Brewer Bobbles for Trade (4 Full Size Powder Blues + 1 '82 Powder Blue)


Made the move to a new house. Set up the bobblehead collection last night. Attaching a picture for your viewing pleasure. Want to make some trades to get the many I missed due to being way too busy. Please inbox me with your offer.


For Trade:


2001 Uecker (Pepsi)

2001 Jenkins (Pepsi)

2001 Yount (Pepsi)

2004 Gantner (White)

2004 Gantner (Blue)

2004 Gorman Thomas (Blue)

2004 Podsednik (White)

2005 Overbay (White)

2005 Sheets (White)

2006 Fingers (White)

2006 Fingers (Blue)

2006 Cooper (White)

2006 Cooper (Blue)

2006 Hot Dog Bobble

2007 Hall (White)


2007 '82 Caldwell (White)

2007 '82 Caldwell (Blue)

2007 '82 Gantner (White)


Mini Geoff Jenkins

Mini Doug Davis

Mini Wes Helms

Mini Craig Counsell


Indianapolis Cecil Cooper

Beloit Dave Krynzel




2003 Molitor (Blue)

2004 Bernie Mac

2006 Damian Miller (Retro)

Mini Bill Hall

2007 Bill Hall (Retro)

2007 Fielder (Retro)

2007 Capuano (White & Retro)

'82 Simmons (Blue)

'82 Oglivie (Blue & White)

'82 Cooper (Blue)

'82 Thomas (Blue)

'82 Kuenn (Blue & White)

'82 Yount (Blue & White)

'82 Moore (Blue)

'82 Molitor (Blue)

'82 Vuckovich (Blue & White)

Most Brewer Minor League Bobbles (too many to list)

All Bernie Brewer Bobbles

Any oddball or retail Brewer Bobbles




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