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Rule 5 Minor League Draft: 1B Carlin in, RHP Alliston out

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From Bambis Bombers in the other thread:


Oakland picks up Josh Alliston the 2nd round of the Rule 5 Draft


Mass Haas may fold this into the transaction thread later. Not really much interesting here, unless you are looking forward to a scintillating battle between Mike Huggins and Mike Carlin for a AA roster spot.


I liked Josh Alliston. Hard thrower, just injured a lot.

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Carlin was not drafted nor was he even recruited heavily by any Division I baseball programs. Carlin managed to win a walk-on spot at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. ?[Miami] was reluctant to take him, so he had to prove himself,? his former high school baseball coach, Ed McCloskey says.


?So he broke their hitting records. Then nobody wanted him in the majors so he had to prove himself once again. ?Carlin finished his career at Miami as its all-time home run leader, with 44, and eventually landed a free-agent contract with the Pirates? Class A organization, the Hickory Crawdads.


Carlin says he is motivated by the fact that nobody wanted to take a chance on him. ?I will always remember when my coach at Miami apologized to me for giving me such a hard time because he always made me fight my way into the lineup,? Carlin says. ?It really meant a lot when he finally

recognized all the hard work I put in and that I really cared about baseball.?


Hard not to root for the young man...

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