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not a bad assessment. What'll be real interesting is seeing what BA has to say about the state of the organization. A bunch of guys got promoted off of prospect elligibility, and the entire A/A+ squads seemed to do well. Plus, R. Mercedes had a solid year in Helena. I don't know who they think has stepped forward, but it's possible they could claim we have 20 legit prospects, or just 4-5.
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The current minor league system is starting to remind me a lot of how it looked 5 years ago with one notable exception. We now have a couple of very legitimate prospects close to the big leagues.


The rest of the system is similar in the sense that we have a lot of low level promising hitters who just need to prove themselves at the higher levels.


All in all, we seem to have followed the formula that Jack Z. promised us; one solid wave of prospects that would be supplemented by a new wave 2 or 3 years later. All in all, I think it is a healthy system. After we see how the young A and A+ hitters develop, we can supplement them with impact college players through the draft to create a well rounded second wave of prospects.



edit: John Manuel's assesment it the BA thread kind of echoes a lot of my thoughts on the system as whole (I would love to hear his comments on our young outfielder situation.) I wish that I would have read that before making this post...

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