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Six Months of Brewer Fanatic

Brock Beauchamp



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I haven't checked in for a bit - my August baseball slump kicked in hard watching both the Twins and Brewers falter night after night - but now that the kids are back in school, expect to see a lot more of me as we gear up for the offseason and the hot stove season where hope springs anew as we envision only the best and brightest things in 2023.

To kick off the offseason, we're developing a really cool payroll tool that allows you to craft your own payroll and easily post it to the forums. More on that to come and expect to see something the week following the last game of the regular season. As always, I'm excited to roll this out and features like this are largely due in part to our caretaker support, which funds many of these projects for both Twins Daily and Brewer Fanatic.

Just a little over six months ago, we re-launched BrewerFan as Brewer Fanatic. The community has been very supportive of this endeavor and very helpful, assisting us in all sorts of ways as we build out cool new functionality to make this more than just a fan forum; we aim to become a fan experience with new features and interactivity you won't find anywhere else.

So how has it gone in our first six months? Overall, very well, thanks to all of you. Naturally, we've seen our fair share of bumps and bruises as we adapt our business model to a new fanbase but it has been eye-opening; for a long time, I kinda fell into tunnel vision as I catered solely to the Twins fanbase and their wants/needs. Becoming part of the Brewers community has not only given me new perspective, it has made me open to trying things differently and expanding how this site can better serve the fanbase. Without all of your input, that wouldn't have been possible so thank you again for that help.

In the first six months of its existence, Brewer Fanatic drew 122,000 users to the site. Over the identical six month period of 2021 (when, let's all admit it, the Brewers were slightly more engaging to watch), BrewerFan drew just under 59,000 users. The growth has been exciting to watch and I'm regularly approving new users on the forums, which is the surest sign that this community can continue to thrive and grow over the coming years.

Brewer Fanatic saw 2,000 or more people stop by the site in a single day an impressive 14 times during that six month period. In 2021, that only happened three times on BrewerFan.

Over that six month span Brewer Fanatic has seen 196 new users register on the site. Over the same period of 2021, BrewerFan had only 32 new user registrations. Props to all of you who chose to jump into this community and participate with its comprehensive and knowledgeable userbase.

With that out of the way, now that we're in the offseason, I think you'll be able to see some of our larger plans for the site coalesce. We have a lot of new features planned throughout the offseason and into Spring Training, where we hope to have on-site writers next February and March... but that's kind of shooting for the moon and a lot depends on the Brewers themselves. Wish us luck and let's hope to see plenty of action this offseason as the Brewers gear up for the 2023 season!

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