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Setting Some Expectations Around The Chourio Contract

The Brewers and Jackson Chourio have agreed to a eight year contract extension with a reported value of $82 million. It also includes a team option of extending the contract for $25M a year for two more years.  There are $10M of incentives available to Chourio.  Is this a good deal for the Brewers? Is it a good deal for Chourio?  A look at recent history could provide some answers.  If we look at the recent salary history of a few other center fielders, we may get an idea of the range of p


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Bally Bankruptcy Short and Long Term Impact

Bally Sports is going through bankruptcy.  This is causing consternation among many major league teams including the Brewers.  There are fourteen teams that generate revenue by selling telecasting rights to the local Bally affiliate.  In a number of markets Bally has already delayed or flat out refused to pay teams.  This hasn’t happened, or at least we aren’t aware of this happening yet, in Milwaukee. But it could.  Short Term Impact:  Throughout Baseball, local media contracts comprise 2


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When Do The Brewers Trade a Catcher?

Any discussion of the Brewers trading a catcher begins with looking at the progress made by William Contreras.  During the off season prior to the 2023 season, the Brewers were part of the three-team trade that brought Contreras to the Brewers from the Atlanta Braves.  At the time Contreras was seen as a young player with great offensive upside but also as a defensive liability.  The offensive profile didn’t change during Contreras’ first season with the Brewers. (.289 average, .367 OBP, .


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Episodes 2-5 of the Cream City Club Podcast

Hey everyone, I will try to do a better job of keeping up with this here, but we have released 4 more episodes of the podcast now. I have links and a brief description of all of them below, we'd love if you would check it out! Again, we are very open to feedback as well!  For Brewers fans specifically, Episode 3 and 5 are likely the ones you will be most interested in 🙂 Links to the Podcast: Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-cream-city-club-podcast/id171559

Rule 5 Draft Plea

What if I were to tell you that the single most dominant pitcher in the 2022 Arizona Fall League was left exposed in this year's Rule 5 draft? The guy who blazed through AFL hitters to the tune of 25 strikeouts to one hit allowed (No, that's not a typo. Yes, that is ridiculous). The guy who followed it up by making a serious run at making one of the best teams in baseball out of spring training, striking out 11 in 4 1/3 scoreless spring innings before getting injured. That would s

Freshmen -- The Sequel

The Brewers spent a lot of time and energy promoting “The Freshmen” during the 2023 season.  They invited fans into a reality show about the future of the team.  Unfortunately, the reality was that this group of players weren’t as good as many fans hoped once they got to The Show. Mitchell has shown promise, but he has some peripheral stats that could be red flags and he may be injury prone. Turang has found a way to strike out much more at the MLB level. Weimer isn't Hunter Pence and perha


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Overcrowding in the Outfield?

As we look towards 2024, one position of strength on the Brewers seems to be outfield.  The Brewers have five outfielders coming back that played in at least fifty games during 2023: Joey Wiemer (132 games), Christian Yelich (122)  Tyrone Taylor (75) Blake Perkins (61) and Sal Frelick (55).  If you add Garrett Mitchell, who prior to injury was penciled in as the starting center fielder in 2023, there are six outfielders.  And there is a hope that top prospect Jackson Chourio will perform well an


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Craig Counsell to the Cubs: It was in his nature

There is the parable of the scorpion and the frog.  The scorpion asks the frog to carry him across the river and then halfway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog.  The frog asks, “Why? We are both going to die.” The scorpion replies that he couldn’t help himself, “It is in my nature. It is how I am.” At first look, Craig Counsell leaving his home town team, to go to the arch rivals may seem very wrong.  Counsell is a Brewer.  It is who he is.     But like all of us, Counsell


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The Cream City Club Podcast

Hey everyone, I appreciate everybody following along with the prospect content I have been fortunate enough to put out on here. I wanted to let you all know that I and one of my friends from college, Gunner Amelunk, have started a podcast called The Cream City Club Podcast. It is out on Apple, Spotify, as well as YouTube. Our plan is to discuss the current happenings with the Brewers, as well as the Milwaukee Bucks. The goal will be to focus the episodes on one or the other though, so if you're

2023 Retrospective - Stats to Watch and Sleepers

I thought I'd use a couple of items I wrote before the season to look at some of the things that did (or did not) go right in 2023. Statistics to Watch Ground Ball Rate - Jadher Areinamo When we left Jadher Areinamo at the end of the 2022 season, he was coming off a breakout campaign, finishing his age-18 season at low-A. It came with a caveat: once he got promoted to full season ball, his ground ball rate spiked and the doubles power that he had shown in Arizona abandoned him.

How to "Fix" the MLB Postseason, If You Think It Needs Fixing

There's a ton of chatter about the MLB postseason format and while I think it's blowing current issues out of proportion - we have all of two years of data from which to draw - I believe there is some merit to the criticisms. There's a relatively easy fix, though, and it can actually reduce the length of the postseason by a day should MLB wish to take that route. First, there are complaints about the number of teams in the postseason. I rather strongly disagree with this take; as a fan of m

More Stats I Find Bizarrely Interesting

It's been a while. I had two longer blogs lost halfway through to computer crashes. One was moot by the time I had time to sit down and write long-form again. I still plan to write the other at some point in the offseason, but that 1,000+ word meandering treatise on how the 2022 DSL starters fared in 2023 will wait for another day. I decided to churn out one I could get done in one sitting now, though, to avoid computer issues. So here are two more stats that I (and perhaps only I) find int

Update on Brewer Fanatic, Including A New Partnership

I wanted to update everyone on a few things as we head into the stretch and what looks to be another October appearance by the Crew. First, Brewer Fanatic has been humming along very nicely. In July, we broke all traffic records dating back to the earliest data we have for BrewerFan.net in 2016. In August, we demolished every record we set in July. On August 31st, Brewer Fanatic had 11,900 visitors to the site. That's easily the most in the history of the site. So everything is al

The Brewers: Moving into the future

As not only look and watch the current Brewers and remember their past, we should also be conjuring up ideas about what they need to do for a successful future. Here's a couple of my ideas for thought: Injury prevention and maintaining good health, As we research the past couple of years, we know that one of the areas where the Brewers have had significant difficulties in the number of player games lost to injury. What can be done differently? The ultimate goal is to set about a strategy fo


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Not Too Rowdy: Tellez Stays on IL for Four More Weeks

The Brewers slugger, Rowdy Tellez, finds his stay on the injured list longer than expected. A fracture to his left ring finger which required twelve stitches after colliding with the wall while shagging balls during batting practice before Saturday’s contest in Cincinnati. Tellez was conditioning to get back onto the field, reports Brewers beat writer Adam McCalvy. Prior to the unusual situation, Tellez was supposed to be activated off the IL on Tuesday before the Crew starts a three-game set in

FOCO Unveils Charlie Brown Milwaukee Brewers Bobblehead

FOCO is a partner with Brewer Fanatic and support of their products helps support this site; 100% of the funds/materials received from these promotions go directly to our users in the form of prizes and gifts. Get ready to celebrate America's favorite pastime with a touch of nostalgia as FOCO, a leading manufacturer of officially licensed sports and entertainment merchandise, announces the release of an exciting new collection: Peanuts Charlie Brown MLB Team Themed Bobbleheads. This collabo

FOCO Announces Brice Turang Rookie Bobblehead

Our friends at FOCO have announced a cool limited-edition bobblehead that we want to share with our Brewer Fanatic users. It's a Brice Turang rookie bobblehead, limited to only 96 units. FOCO is a partner of Brewer Fanatic and if you use our affiliate link, we earn credits we use exclusively to return to our users via prizes and gifts. Take a look at this exclusive offer and get a unique gift for a promising young rookie and former top prospect!

Could Jackson Chourio debut in 2023?

With the recent promotion on MLB pipelines top 100, jumping from number 6 to number 2 and being rated the number one overall prospect according to Baseball America.   Jackson Chourio could be on track to see some MLB action in 2023. The 19 year old phenom is having an impressive showing in Double-A Biloxi.  Chourio is sporting a .270/.309/.418 line and he has driven in twenty two  runs to go along with five dingers.  Chourio is also a perfect 10 for ten in stolen base attempts. If Chou

Young Brew Crew Spotlight: Tyler Woessner

Tyler Woessner is a pitcher that doesn’t get enough love amongst Brewers Minor League pitchers, but he should.  Background Tyler Woessner is a 6-4, 230lbs pitcher from Phoenix, AZ where he attended Pinnacle High School and then went on to attend Central Arizona College which is a Junior College. He was drafted by the Brewers in the 6th round of the 2022 Amateur Draft. Pitching Woessner’s college pitching stats (which you can find here) are quite impressive. Over his career, h

13 Months of Brewer Fanatic!

Well, we've been doing this for 13 months now! That seems impossible but it's true. As always, I try to be as transparent as possible so let's look at some of the numbers. Overall, we're doing pretty great. We're still a fraction of the size of Twins Daily but given how long that site has been around and how it was formed, it would have been pure insanity to expect competition on that level. Year over year, we've seen a 92% increase in users visiting the site... that's great, but that'

Young Brew Crew Spotlight: Ben Metzinger

Ben Metzinger is a really intriguing infield prospect for the Brewers right now. He can play multiple positions on the dirt and even play a little behind the dish. What makes him really interesting is that he has been playing exceptionally well, and yet you hardly ever hear his name.  Background Ben Metzinger hails from Louisville, Kentucky, where he also chose to play ACC College Baseball at the University of Louisville. He’s 23 (DOB: 6/26/1999), stands at 5’11” and weighs 195 lbs. He
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