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06/23/07 Non-Brewer game thread


So im bored out of my mind and I decided why not start the Non game thread for today!!


12:05 CDT Cubs (R.Hill 5-5; 3.22 ERA) vs. White Sox (Javier Vazquez 3-5; 4.39 ERA)


12:07 CDT Rockies (Aaron Cook 4-4; 4.65 ERA) vs. Blue Jays (Ty Taubenheim 0-0; -.--)


12:10 CDT Phillies (Adam Eaton 7-4; 5.33 ERA) vs. Cardinals (Adam Wainwright 5-6; 4.70 ERA)


2:55 CDT Tigers (Justin Verlander 8-2; 2.90 ERA) vs. Braves (Kyle Davies 3-6; 5.65 ERA)


2:55 CDT Astros (Roy Oswalt 7-4; 3.51 ERA) vs. Rangers (Jamey Wright 0-1; 10.57 ERA)


2:55 CDT Yankees (Chien-Ming Wang 7-4; 3.33 ERA) vs. Giants (Matt Morris 7-4; 3.21 ERA)


6:05 CDT Indians (Paul Byrd 6-3; 4.81 ERA) vs. Nationals (Matt Chico 3-5; 5.35 ERA)


6:05 CDT Twins (Carlos Silva 4-8; 4.20 ERA) vs. Marlins (Josh Johnson 0-1; 9.28 ERA)


6:10 CDT Dodgers (Randy Wolf 8-5; 4.24 ERA) vs. Devil Rays (Scott Kazmir 5-3; 4.10 ERA)


6:10 CDT Athletics (Joe Blanton 7-4; 3.43 ERA) vs. Mets (Orlando Hernandez 3-3; 3.08 ERA)


8:05 CDT Pirates (Ian Snell 6-4; 2.63 ERA) vs. Angels (Kelvim Escobar 8-3; 2.97 ERA)


8:40 CDT Orioles (Brian Burres 3-2; 2.94 ERA) vs. Dimondbacks (Livan Hernandez 5-5; 4.50 ERA)


9:05 CDT Red Sox (Tim Wakefield 7-7; 4.18 ERA) vs. Padres (Chris Young 6-3; 2.26 ERA)


9:05 CDT Reds (Kyle Lohse 3-9; 4.56 ERA) vs. Mariners (Jarrod Washburn 5-6; 4.38 ERA)



My Top 3 Pitching Match Ups.


3. Joe Blanton vs. Orlando Hernandez


2. Tim Wakefield vs. Chris Young


1. Ian Snell vs. Kelvim Escobar



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Tough to get excited about Snell v Escobar, even if it looks good on paper.


Cubs and Cards both likely winners today, let's not let them creep any closer to first.


Oswalt pitching tonight means the Crew misses him in Milwaukee next week. What a shame. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif

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