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Brew Crew Review- 2008 First Round Mock Draft Video featuring Patrick Ebert.

Check out the next episode of The Brew Crew Review on Wisconsin On Demand Channel 1111 under Sports/Brewers. (available in a few days)

For now, here is a link of a Early First Round Mock Draft up until the Brewers pick at #16 with Brewerfan.net's own draft expert, Patrick Ebert.

Check it out.
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I finally was able to log onto this message board which means that I will no longer be peppering you with e-mails!!


I agree completely that it would make so much more sense for the Rays to select Tim Beckham as opposed to Buster Posey as the former has the potential to be more of a five-tool up-the-middle impact player than the latter. I also agree that Justin Smoak makes PERFECT sense for the Pirates. I've seen Smoak many times and, frankly, there's not much difference between Pedro Alvarez and Smoak in terms of production; however, Smoak is a potential Gold Glove winner and should be a lot cheaper. I also agree that KC taking Posey could happen and that the Orioles, having selected Scott Boras client Matt Wieters last year, seem like a logical landing spot for Alvarez.


For picks 5-16, with a few exceptions, I see things unfolding differently than you.....


5) San Francisco -- Gordon Beckham --> Top brass has gone on record several times stating the organization's desire to select an up-the-middle bat. Thus, G-Beck makes perfect sense.


6) Florida -- Kyle Skipworth --> Reports out of South Florida have the Marlins really high on Skipworth, and the team has never shied away from prep players. Brian Matusz really makes sense as well.


7) Cincinnati -- Brian Matusz --> After taking Devon Mesoraco last year, I can't see Cincy taking another prep catcher in Skipworth this year. A polished college lefthander, Matusz would be a logical pick. Aaron Crow would make a lot of sense here too, but his reported bonus demands would scare away the Reds, who have never bucked the slotting system.


8) Chicago White Sox -- Yonder Alonso --> No argument here.


9) Washington -- Aaron Hicks --> This would make perfect sense, as GM Jim Bowden & Co love high ceiling bats. However, Bowden and Boras are like oil and water -- especially given Hosmer's huge bonus demands. Thus, the raw, yet very projectable Hicks makes perfect sense.


10) Houston -- Shooter Hunt --> With the stress fracture in his shoulder, Tanner Scheppers likely cost himself several dozen draft slots and many hundred thousands of dollars. But Hunt and his high-octane arsenal would be a very suitable replacement.


11) Texas -- Eric Hosmer --> Tom Hicks has never shied away from Boras clients.


12) Oakland -- Brett Wallace --> I agree, Colby Jack, a very Oaklandesque pick.


13) St. Louis -- Aaron Crow --> Finally a landing spot for the Missouri fireballer. Almost a local pick.


14) Minnesota --> Christian Friedrich --> The Twins would never ante up to Casey Kelly, who is reportedly seeking crazy money to give up his gridiron offer from Tennessee. Instead, I can see the Twins taking this workmanlike lefty.


15) Los Angeles Dodgers -- Tm Melville --> Again, I agree. The Dodgers have never shied away from high-ceiling prep pitchers.


16) Milwaukee Brewers -- Joshua Fields --> The Brew Crew will still have five picks amount the next 46 selections to pursue some high-ceiling guys. Fields and a nuclear arsenal would go a long way towards shoring up Milwaukee's porous bullpen.

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Maybe I just completely missed it but how far do you have Matusz falling, colby? Would that many teams pass on a polished, left handed pitcher?


If you notice when I get to the Reds or the Marlins pick I kind of catch myself wondering who I missed. I missed Matusz, and I talked about this with Craig after the show. He was kind enough to ask me if I wanted to re-tape my segment, but I stuck by it knowing that I at least mentioned Matusz enough during that segment.


Without a doubt, there's no way Matusz falls past the top 3-5 overall picks, and again, I was doing the mock draft on the fly working off of a cheat sheet I had in front of me. I'm not a huge fan of mock drafts given how fluid they are and just given how much they are based off of personal opinion, but I think viewers get the jist of who the top players are and where they are most likely to end up based on the discussion on the Brew Crew Review.


Craig, thanks again for having me.

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You might be onto something, Patrick regarding the Reds' pick. I had sent a question to Jim callis over at BA over the weekend asking him if Juston Smoak, who is my favorite hitter in this draft, could go to the Reds at #7 -- despite the Reds already having Joey Votto entrenched at 1B. Callis said most definitely as he spoke with Scouting Director Chris Buckley and Buckley was adamant that the organization would take the "best talent available." He then made a point to say that included either Buster Posey or Kyle Skipworth if one of the two was still available (despite the fact the Reds took prep catcher Devin Mesoraco last year). This might be a sign that the Reds are unhappy with Mesoraco who had to stay in extended Spring Training more than an extra month and is just 3 for 22 with nine K's and no extra base hits at Low A Dayton.
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