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D-LIST today!


I usually turn it right off because I cannot stomach one particular yahoo on that show.


BUT TODAY - the clouds are especially fluffy and the birds are all singing!


Life IS good.


BONUS: Trenni K. is substituting today

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I'm assuming the yahoo who you don't care for is Bill Johnson. That guy has no business being on the radio. A couple weeks ago he was on vacation and it was just Needles and Olson. That was a solid week for the show. I think Johnson is in management at 540, so he just puts himself on the show. A perfect example of his arrogance is when about a month ago he was leading the charge for Yost to be canned, and now he's reverted back to his typical routine of bashing crazy fanatics who will always find some whacky reason to bash Yost. You can tell he thinks very little of the general population. The problem is he somehow has it in his mind that by doing a radio show, he's above the masses.
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