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Two quotes from my high school football coach sum this up...

a). Brian said it earlier today. I'll put it a different way: "Your highs shouldn't be too high and your lows shouldn't be too low".


b).I would add this one: "Act like you've been here before". This was said to a young man who scored a touchdown and acted like a buffoon.


Bottom line: this is frustrating for us, bottom line, but we had to know this was going to happen? We didn't expect to run away with the division without a fight? Frankly I'd be disappointed if we didn't have a little drama.


I expect them to pull the spur out of their backside and learn from this, there is no reason to expect them not to come out and fight like crazy.


Management has shown their serious, we've shown we're serious as fans, Ned has shown sparks of anger, the players are serious and focused. They are simply not playing well. I expect Linebrick to come in here add another option to that pen, shorten the game even more and the bats to wake up. "We can't all hit .170 for the rest of the year" (Melvin). Their bats will wake up, Weeks needs to start hitting, Hall needs to round into shape, and Suppan needs to start putting quality starts together. I expect them to do that. I expect them to tip their cap to the Reds for playing very well in all phases and get after it.


I was at the ALCS at County Stadium in 82 and I've been a die hard fan since the late 70's...so I've seen both sides of things. Sports can be frustrating, but we can't take it out on each other. In other words, understand this is a journey and act like you've been here before. We as fans have some measure of accountability in that regard as well, we can't turn on each other and act like fools every time something goes wrong. It is perfectly acceptable to question a strategy and an approach, but keep it in perspective. I'll hope to be watching in October as I did 25 years ago...I'll be smiling one way or the other.

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"Your highs shouldn't be too high and your lows shouldn't be too low".


"Act like you've been here before"


Your coach loved his cliches, huh? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif Anyway, I always find Camus instructive in situations like this (see sig below).

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Dang you and your fancy doctoral thingys.


"I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals FLAMING!"

-Homer, not the Illiad guy


That said, I am panicking more that a dude buried up to his head, covered in honey, and next to a den of fire ants. I've had too many lows. Give me my highs!

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