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Comcast, BTN reach a deal.


The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Big Ten Network and Comcast cable systems will end their stalemate this week and agree to a deal whereby the league's channel will finally appear in the cable company's cities, which included Chicago.


According to Teddy Greenstein, "The BTN completed the deal without caving on its central demand: that the channel be placed on expanded basic, rather than a sports tier, in the eight-state footprint."


And as Greenstein notes in the article, the league hopes this will pave the way for deals with other cable companies, such as Time Warner and Charter - the two cable companies which populate much of Wisconsin.




Sounds like a great move. Hopefully this means more football/basketball/Hockey this upcoming year.

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I've had the Big Ten Network since it started last August. It's great. Sending reporters out to game sites and having them report on Big Ten Tonight, all the classic games, hell, you even get campus programming. Oh yeah, Charissa Thompson is a sideline reporter too, that makes it so worth it.
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