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Link Report for Thurs. 6/26 -- Final Update: Power Pitchers Admonished

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Thursday's Daily Menu:


All times Central; pitchers subject to change --


Nashville: RHP Eric Gagne to be followed by LHP Sam Narron at Round Rock (Astros), 6:50 PM pre-game; 7:05 PM gametime


Audio link via WNSR, be sure to select the proper date (game will also archive at this link):


Huntsville: LHP Brae Wright at Carolina (Marlins), 6:00 PM pre-game; 6:15 gametime


Audio link via WUMP, be sure to select the proper date (game will also archive at this link):



Brevard County: RHP Alex Periard at Fort Myers (Twins), 6:05 gametime


Audio link via the Miracles' Sportsjuice network (game will not archive, however):



West Virginia: RHP Amaury Rivas at home vs. Lexington (Astros), 5:50 PM pre-game, 6:05 gametime


Audio link via WSWW, be sure to select the proper date (game will also archive at this link):



Helena: 2008 7th round Abilene Christian RHP Trey Watten at home vs. Billings (Reds), 7:50 PM pre-game, 8:05 gametime


Audio link via KCAP, be sure to select the proper date (game will also archive at this link):



Arizona: 2008 10th round Seton Hall RHP Greg Miller, in Maryvale vs. the itty-bitty Cubbies, 10:30 AM local Mountain Standard Time


Never any audio for the Maryvale Crew...

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Follow Thursday's action as it happens:

Here's what you do, right click on each of the links below and choose "Open in New Window". Open the Nashville Gameday. For the others, choose "Log" or "Recap". While you're listening to your minor league game of choice (or watching/listening to the big league Crew when they are playing), simply refresh your game log browsers every so often.










Brevard County:




West Virginia:











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 Pacific Coast League (AAA) - PCL American North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iowa 45 34 .570 - 25-14 20-20 L1 Memphis 41 38 .519 4.0 17-18 24-20 W3 Omaha 39 38 .506 5.0 15-19 24-19 W6 Nashville 30 49 .380 15.0 17-22 13-27 L3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 Southern League (AA) - SOU North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tennessee 6 2 .750 - 4-2 2-0 W4 Carolina 4 4 .500 2.0 1-1 3-3 L1 Huntsville 4 4 .500 2.0 3-3 1-1 W1 Chattanooga 3 5 .375 3.0 3-3 0-2 L2 West Tenn 3 5 .375 3.0 0-2 3-3 L4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 Florida State League (A+) - FSL East Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- St. Lucie 6 1 .857 - 4-0 2-1 W4 Jupiter 3 2 .600 2.0 1-0 2-2 L1 Vero Beach 4 3 .571 2.0 1-2 3-1 W2 Daytona 3 3 .500 2.5 1-1 2-2 L1 Palm Beach 3 3 .500 2.5 3-2 0-1 W1 Brevard County 2 5 .286 4.0 1-4 1-1 L2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 South Atlantic League (A) - SAL Northern Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greensboro 5 2 .714 - 1-1 4-1 W1 Hagerstown 5 2 .714 - 2-1 3-1 W2 Delmarva 4 3 .571 1.0 1-3 3-0 W3 West Virginia 4 3 .571 1.0 0-0 4-3 L1 Hickory 3 4 .429 2.0 0-0 3-4 L1 Lakewood 3 4 .429 2.0 2-2 1-2 L2 Lake County 2 5 .286 3.0 0-3 2-2 L3 Lexington 1 6 .143 4.0 1-6 0-0 L3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 Pioneer League (R+) - PIO North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great Falls 7 2 .778 - 4-2 3-0 W1 Billings 6 3 .667 1.0 0-0 6-3 W2 Helena 3 6 .333 4.0 2-4 1-2 L1 Missoula 2 7 .222 5.0 1-5 1-2 L2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 Arizona League (R) - Arizona League Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AZL Angels 2 1 .667 - 1-0 1-1 L1 AZL Athletics 2 1 .667 - 1-1 1-0 W2 AZL Padres 2 1 .667 - 1-0 1-1 L1 AZL Rangers 2 1 .667 - 1-1 1-0 L1 AZL Giants 2 2 .500 0.5 1-1 1-1 W1 AZL Mariners 2 2 .500 0.5 1-1 1-1 W2 AZL Royals 2 2 .500 0.5 2-0 0-2 W1 AZL Cubs 1 2 .333 1.0 1-1 0-1 W1 AZL Brewers 0 3 .000 2.0 0-1 0-2 L3 

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The Jose R. Garcia with the best game of his young career, 3-5 with a double and triple... he's almost right there with Hitaniel Arias in terms of potential in the Baby Brewers' outfield. Zarraga on base a couple more times too. I'm still a bit surprised he wasn't started in Helena.


Chris George is making quite the early impression as well in Arizona.

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29 pitches, can't escape the first inning...


Round Rock Bottom 1st

  • - Tomas Perez called out on strikes.
  • - Edwin Maysonet hit by pitch.
  • - J. R. House singles on a fly ball to right fielder Laynce Nix. Edwin Maysonet to 2nd.
  • - Mark Saccomanno walks. Wild pitch by pitcher Eric Gagne. Edwin Maysonet scores. J. R. House to 3rd.
  • - Coaching visit to mound.
  • - Ray Sadler strikes out swinging.
  • - Nick Gorneault singles on a line drive to left fielder Brendan Katin. J. R. House scores. Mark Saccomanno to 2nd.
  • - Pitcher Change: Randy Choate replaces Eric Gagne, batting 9th.
  • - Jonathan Ash lines out to left fielder Brendan Katin.

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29 pitches, can't escape the first inning...


Round Rock Bottom 1st

  • - Tomas Perez called out on strikes.
  • - Edwin Maysonet hit by pitch.
  • - J. R. House singles on a fly ball to right fielder Laynce Nix. Edwin Maysonet to 2nd.
  • - Mark Saccomanno walks. Wild pitch by pitcher Eric Gagne. Edwin Maysonet scores. J. R. House to 3rd.
  • - Coaching visit to mound.
  • - Ray Sadler strikes out swinging.
  • - Nick Gorneault singles on a line drive to left fielder Brendan Katin. J. R. House scores. Mark Saccomanno to 2nd.
  • - Pitcher Change: Randy Choate replaces Eric Gagne, batting 9th.
  • - Jonathan Ash lines out to left fielder Brendan Katin.

Glad I didn't make the 1 and a half hour drive to watch Nashville play Round Rock tonight. Can't Gagne just stay there for the rest of the year?


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Final: Arizona Brewers 11, Arizona Cubs 7

Brewers extra-motivated against those bratty Cub kids...


Arizona Box Score

Brewers overcome five errors and four unearned runs to win; rough pitching lines for Greg Miller and Shane Hill (Hill's 2008 debut), but Daniel Meadows and Edwin Linares each had excellent three-inning pro debuts; Brandon Rapoza struck out two in a 1-2-3 9th; big lefty bat Pedro Ramos now 1-for-13 with now walks and six K's, but his first pro hit was a triple in this one; Shawn Zarraga sporting a 1.470 OPS after three games -- yeah, that'll do, but Zarraga did have two throwing errors from behind the plate...


Arizona Game Log

Brewers trailed 7-5 entering the bottom of the 8th, but scored six runs as follows:


  • - Brandon Drespling singles on a ground ball to third baseman John Contreras.
  • - With Miguel Vasquez batting, Brandon Drespling steals (2) 2nd base.
  • - Miguel Vasquez doubles (1) on a fly ball to center fielder TeWayne Willis. Brandon Drespling scores.
  • - Carlos George walks.
  • - Luis Sanchez singles on a fly ball to center fielder TeWayne Willis. Miguel Vasquez scores. Carlos George to 2nd.
  • - Jose Rangel hit by pitch. Carlos George to 3rd. Luis Sanchez to 2nd.
  • - Pitcher Change: Luke Sommer replaces Carlos Rojas.
  • - Jonathan Requena singles on a line drive to left fielder Kurt Calvert. Carlos George scores. Luis Sanchez scores. Jose Rangel to 3rd. Jonathan Requena out at 2nd on the throw, left fielder Kurt Calvert to shortstop Starlin Castro to second baseman Dwayne Kemp.
  • - Hitaniel Arias strikes out swinging.
  • - Jose Garcia strikes out swinging. Wild pitch by pitcher Luke Sommer. Jose Rangel scores. Jose Garcia to 1st.
  • - Pedro Ramos triples (1) on a fly ball to right fielder Kevin Soto. Jose Garcia scores.
  • - Brandon Drespling grounds out, third baseman John Contreras to first baseman Sean Hoorelbeke.

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Nashville has come back to even things up, Nelson has walked 3 times in 5 innings thus far. If I haven't mentioned it for the record yet Gagne and Turnbow can still in Nashville the rest of year.


Wright with a real nice line through 6 scoreless tonight. Huntsville's offense explodes yet again. Even with Salome getting the night off Escobar has 3 hits, Gamel only has 1 hit but 3 BBs on the night, and Laporta with 2 hits, Brantley also had 2 hits before leaving with his injury.


Periard with a very Suppanesque performance tonight with 8 scoreless, and the defense behind him had a clean game. Even with Green slumping to the tune of 7H in his last 37ABs his average is still 298. Cain has hit right around .300 the last 2 months and his average continues to slowly climb. Ford is starting to hit a little a better, .263 over his last 10, still not great but improving. Brewer... *sigh* I'm not even checking his lines anymore they've been so depressing all year, he's hitting exactly .200 right now with no HR after hitting 11 last year. If fact his power numbers are down drastically across the board. He's on pace for 142 SOs which would be an improvement over last year's 170, but he's also on pace for 45 errors which only be 3 less than year's pace of 48, so essentially he's the same player defensively. I know I've harped on his strike outs, but I didn't think a 20% reduction in SOs would ruin the rest of his offensive game, be careful what you wish for I guess.


Rivas with his second subpar outing in a row giving up 2 bombs tonight, Mercedes and Lambertus each doing about what I expect now. WV is scoring some runs lately, which is a welcome change.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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looking back on 2007, why is this SS Sanchez re-doing Arizona? Numbers last year weren't shabby. Do we know anything about this kid?

Maybe defense and plate discipline. He did commit 21 errors in 32 games last summer and sported a 6 walk to 36 strikeout ratio. Otherwise no real inside information.

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Nice win tonight for H-Crew. Allowed Billings to tie it up in the 6th, but took the lead back in the bottom of the 6th. 2008 draft pick Garrett Sherrill strikes out the side in the 9th to seal the win!
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West Virginia Site Game Summary:




Thursday night's game at Appalachian Power Park included five lead changes and the Lexington Legends outscored the West Virginia Power 4-1 in the final three innings to take the first game of the series 8-7.


Brian Pellegrini hit his first of two, two-run homers in the top of the first inning to give the Legends their first lead. Curt Rindal tied the game an inning later with a two-run blast, his fifth of the season. Matt Cline began the third inning with his third homer on the year to give the Power a 3-2 lead. Pellegrini belted his second two-run bomb of the game in the sixth to put the Legends ahead again.


The Power scored three times with two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning. Steffan Wilson began the two-out rally with a double and scored on Eric Fryer's base hit. Rindal doubled down the right field line to score Fryer and Uly Snijders belted a single to left that scored Rindal.


Lexington came right back and tied the game with two in the seventh. Craig Corrado laid a bunt down with runners on first and second base and Roque Mercedes's errant throw allowed a run to score and put runners on second and third. Matt Cusick scored during the next at bat on Eric Taylor's groundout. In the eighth, Cat Everett singled in the go ahead run and Cusick's sacrifice fly plated Brandon Barnes. Rindal grounded into a 6-4-3 double play in the eighth inning and brought Wilson home in the process.


Reid Kelly (2-1) allowed a run on four hits over an inning and a third to get the victory. Jordan Powell (3) pitched two scoreless innings of relief to earn the save. Pedro Lambertus (0-2) was tagged with the loss after allowing a pair of runs on two hits with two walks.


The Power fell to 36-41 on the year and 4-4 in the second half with the loss, while the Legends improved to 23-54 on the year and 2-6 in the second half with the win. Five Power players recorded multi-hit games including Eric Fryer who paced the Power with a 3-for-4 performance. Seven of West Virginia's 14 hits came with two outs. Haydel went 2-for-5 and extended his hitting streak to 12 games. Wilson hit a pair of doubles to extend his hitting streak to 11 games.


The Power will continue the four game series against the Lexington Legends at Appalachian Power Park on Friday night. Left hander Dan Merklinger (1-5, 7.50) will get the start for the Power and the Legends will counter with left hander Anthony Bello (2-3, 3.26). The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 PM (6:05 Central).


West Virginia Box Score

Steffan Wilson is having a heck of an offensive year, two doubles tonight; Eric Fryer's transformation into a sweet-swinging corner outfielder has been quite remarkable; after rallying to take a 6-4 lead, it was painful to listen to Roque Mercedes and Pedro Lambertus hand control back to the Legends just like that...


West Virginia Game Log

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Final: Huntsville 8, Carolina (Marlins) 1


Huntsville Site Game Summary:


Huntsville's High-Octane Offense Rolls Along

Wright Outstanding in Pitching Stars Past Mudcats


By Brett Pollock / Huntsville Stars

Alcides Escobar finished a triple shy of hitting for the cycle and drove in three runs to power a 15-hit attack and Brae Wright threw eight strong innings in Huntsville's 8-1 victory over Carolina Thursday night in the third of a six-game set at Five County Stadium. The Stars improved to 5-4 in the second half and 46-33 overall, while the Mudcats dipped to 4-5 in the second half and fell to 42-37 overall. Huntsville has scored at least seven runs and collected at least 11 hits in each of the last six games and has totaled 44 runs on 80 hits during that stretch.


Michael Brantley opened the game with a single, moved to third base when Mudcats' third sacker Gaby Sanchez couldn't handle an Escobar ground ball and scored when Mat Gamel doubled off the right field wall. Matt LaPorta walked to load the bases and starter Willie Glen uncorked a wild pitch that allowed Escobar to score as Cole Gillespie fanned for the first out. The right-hander then struck out Mike Bell and Chris Errecart with runners at second and third to end the frame.


Escobar's two-run home run in the second inning, his first since May 31, extended the Stars' lead to 4-0 and LaPorta's two-out, run-scoring double in the fourth made it a 5-0 game. Gillespie followed with a walk and that spelled the end of the night for Glen, who was charged with five runs, four earned, on seven hits, while walking four and fanning five. He took the loss to drop to 4-2.


Jacob Marceaux took over and recorded the last out in the fourth but surrendered two runs in the fifth on a wild pitch that scored Errecart and a run-scoring single by Escobar, who has knocked in a run in four straight games. Marceaux uncorked three wild pitches in the inning and was lifted after allowing four hits and walking one in 1 1/3 innings.


Wright faced the minimum nine hitters through three and gave up his first hit to John Raynor leading off in the fourth, though that single was quickly erased when Cameron Maybin grounded into a double play. The Mudcats finally broke through in the sixth and scored their only run when Kris Harvey led off with a triple and scored on a groundout by pinch-hitter Grant Psomas. Chris Coghlan and Gaby Sanchez singled to open the seventh before Alberto Concepcion lined out to right field and Manuel Mayerson grounded into an inning-ending double play. Wright squared his record at 6-6 after fanning six and not walking a batter for the first time in 16 starts.


The series continues on Friday night with right-hander Donovan Hand taking the hill against Mudcats' right-hander Chris Volstad. Coverage of the game begins at 6:00 pm central time and can be heard locally on SportsRadio 730 WUMP and through the internet at www.huntsvillestars.com and www.730ump.com.


Huntsville Box Score

Mat Gamel and Matt LaPorta celebrate their Futures Game assignments by combining for three doubles and four walks; in a huge "oh, by the way" game, Carlos Corporan reached all five times up with a double, three singles, and a walk, all while guiding Brae Wright to his masterful eight-inning performance; Wright got 12 ground ball outs in one of the best lines of the year, rivaled by a certain Manatee pitcher tonight we'll discuss shortly; on the down side, the Stars did strand 13 and Mat Gamel committed error #22, this one of the throwing variety...


Huntsville Game Log

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Huntsville Pre-Game Audio with outfielder Freddy Parejo

Click on the WUMP link for June 26th, then browse to the 03:00 minute mark -- always give credit to the Latin kids for developing any skills at all in English, Parejo is from Venezuela


Listen to the Michael Brantley Injury Call

Same link as above, go the 01:15:00 hour / minute mark


Other Huntsville Updates:

LHP Derek Miller nursing a sore shoulder, RHP Robert Hinton a sore forearm...

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Final: Brevard County 3, Fort Myers (Twins) 1


Game Summary from the Miracles' Site:


FORT MYERS, F.L. - A pair of two-out runs in the top of the sixth inning helped the Brevard County Manatees break up a scoreless ballgame and move to a 3-1 victory over the Fort Myers Miracle on Thursday night. Another Miracle rally attempt in the bottom of the ninth fell short, thanks in-part to an unassisted double play.


Darren Ford's two-out single to center kept the Manatees sixth inning alive. Ford then picked up his 40th stolen base up the season, setting up Lorenzo Cain to drive him in with a double to left. Cain then scored on a Jonathan Lucroy single to left for a two-run lead.


Another RBI-double, this one by Ford in the eighth, put the Manatees up three as Yohannis Perez was able to score from first on the play. The Miracle would again make things interesting in the ninth, but ended up falling short again.


After a lead-off walk to Danny Lehmann, a fielder's choice and error on the same play with Yancarlos Ortiz would put runners at the corners and bring the tying run to the plate with nobody out. Steve Singleton then ripped a line drive over to first that Stephen Chapman snagged from mid-air and then stepped on the first-base bag to double off Ortiz. A throwing error later in the inning by Brent Brewer at short, would allow Lehmann to score the only Miracle run on the night.


Game two of the series will take place on a "Happy Hour Friday" back at Hammond Stadium beginning at 7:05 PM (6:05 Central). RHP Cole Devries (5-6, 2.99) will start for the Miracle against 'Tees LHP Chris Cody (0-2, 8.59).


Brevard County Box Score

How the Miracle web site managed to avoid mentioning Alex Periard's eight innings of shutout ball is anybody's guess -- seven hits, two walks, three K's; that's seven straight quality starts for the just-turned 21-year-old French-Canadian, most of them "high quality"; Mike McClendon hung on tight for the save; Darren Ford on base three times; this squad absolutely needs the top of the order to do its job each night, as there's simply not much to work with up and down the lineup offensively, and yes, that's taking the tough Florida State League environment into consideration...


Brevard County Game Log

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Final: Nashville 8, Round Rock (Astros) 5

Nashville Site Game Summary:

Link for Brendan Katin photo, text follows --


Sounds Open Road Trip With 8-5 Win

ROUND ROCK, Texas - The Nashville Sounds began their road trip on a positive note, scoring an 8-5 victory over the Round Rock Express on Thursday evening at The Dell Diamond in the opener of a four-game series.


Five Sounds players turned in multiple-hit efforts on the evening, led by Brendan Katin's 3-for-4, two-RBI effort.


Round Rock took a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning against rehabbing Nashville starter Eric Gagne. With one out, Edwin Maysonet was hit by a pitch and moved to second on a single by ex-Sound J.R. House (3-for-5). Gagne followed by walking Mark Saccamanno and the Express plated the game's first run when the fourth ball eluded catcher Vinny Rottino, allowing Maysonet to score on the wild pitch. Nick Gorneault doubled the advantage with a two-out RBI single to left.


Gagne worked two-thirds of an inning and allowed two runs on two hits, walking one batter and striking out two. He threw 29 pitches (17 strikes).


Randy Choate followed Gagne with 2 1/3 hitless relief innings, stranding a pair of inherited runners in the process. The veteran southpaw has worked 6 1/3 scoreless frames, allowing only two hits, in his three Nashville appearances on his rehab stint.


Nashville rallied to take a 3-2 lead with a trio of runs in the third against Express starter Ron Chiavacci.


Brad Nelson opened the frame with a walk before being erased on a Rottino forceout. After Adam Heether and Katin walked to load the bases, shortstop Chris Woodward put the Sounds on the board with an RBI single to left. Pinch-hitter Callix Crabbe followed with a 13-pitch at-bat that included fouling off seven two-strike offerings before lifting a game-tying sacrifice fly to left to bring home Heether.


Hernan Iribarren gave the visitors their first lead of the night when he delivered a double to left that plated Katin, but Gorneault combined with second baseman Jonathan Ash to throw out Woodward at the plate to end the inning as he attempted to score on the knock.


Round Rock evened the game in the bottom of the frame against Sounds left-hander Sam Narron. Ray Sadler led off with a triple to right and scored one batter later on a Gorneault sacrifice fly.


The back-and-forth scoring continued in the fourth when Nashville grabbed a 6-3 lead against Chiavacci after loading the bases with none out on singles by Tony Gwynn and Laynce Nix followed by a Nelson walk. Rottino broke the three-all tie with an RBI single to left before Heether plated Nix with a sacrifice fly for a 5-3 advantage. Katin stepped into the box and chased Chiavacci with a run-scoring single to center.


Kyle Middleton took over on the Express hill and escaped the inning without further damage by inducing an inning-ending fly ball double play from Woodward that saw Rottino doubled off second.


Round Rock got a run back in the home half of the fourth on a two-out House RBI single.


The Sounds continued to pile on the runs in the seventh, sending two more men plateward against Middleton to increase their advantage to 8-4. Katin ripped a two-out double that brought home Nelson, who had opened the frame with a single. After Woodward was intentionally walked, Narron helped his own cause with an RBI single up the middle.


AUDIO: Brendan Katin RBI Double


New Sounds reliever Joe Bateman made his career Triple-A debut when he took over on the hill in the eighth and worked a scoreless first frame before running into trouble in the ninth.


With one out in the game's final frame, Tommy Manzella ripped a double to right and moved to third when Tomas Perez singled to put runners on the corners. Pinch-hitter J.R. Towles followed with a run-scoring groundout to make it an 8-5 game before Bateman fanned House to end the contest.


Narron (4-3) picked up the win after allowing two runs on five hits over four innings of work behind the two rehab pitchers.


Chiavacci (1-2) took the loss after surrendering six runs on nine hits while issuing five walks in his 4 1/3 frames of action.


The teams continue the series with another 7:05 p.m. meeting on Friday evening. Left-hander Lindsay Gulin (3-4, 2.99) will toe the rubber for the Sounds to face an undetermined Round Rock starter.


Nashville Box Score

Folks really need to take in what kind of year Brad Nelson is having -- more walks than strikeouts, a .421 OBP, a .934 OPS, yes the PCL is a bigtime hitter's league, but that's mostly in the western ballparks, where the Sounds exposure is limited; Nelson reached base five times tonight, heck he's even 11-for-17 in steals; that was a whale of an at-bat described for Callix Crabbe...


Nashville Game Log

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