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More bullpen ideas


What about the Crew taking a look at J.C. Romero?


Now...I know what you're thinking. His ERA last year was atrocious. BUT...if you look at the secondary numbers, it looks like he was more effective than the first glance would indicate:


44 Inherited Runners

13 Inherited Runners Scored

Meaning he stranded 70% of baserunners when he entered the game.


2.24 Groundball-to-Flyball Ratio (2006)

1.80 Groundball-to-Flyball Ratio (Career)


Lefties batted .202 against him last year.

18-for-89 with 1 HR.


Righties batted .382 against him last year.

39-for-102 but with only 2 HR.


He also allowed only 2 stolen bases against him last season...an area where our bullpen guys are pathetic.



If you restrict Romero to facing lefties only -- which the Angels obviously didn't do (13 more AB's vs. righties) -- you have a quality reliever. Lefties hit a Chad Moeller-like .202 against him. The guy does NOT give up homeruns. And he does a pretty good job at stranding other pitchers' guys on base. So, when used properly, he would be a good asset in the bullpen. Having both him and Shouse would give Yost more flexibility as to when to go to the lefty, and avoid the scenario of either Shouse or Romero being left in the game to face a right-handed hitter sandwiched between two lefties. AND Romero should come relatively cheap given his high ERA last season.

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We need quality bullpen arms and he definitely fits the prereq., even though he had a helium-like ERA. And, as alluded to by a previous poster, the signing would allow Ned to ACTUALLY micro-manage, instead of making the faithful believe he is Pete Rose's godson.
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"no way can they carry 2 LOOGY's"


I wouldn't say that. Most teams, including some that carry 11 pitchers, have 2 or more lefties in the pen. I don't think LaRussa would ever carry less than 2.


It's a lot easier to limit their exposure to right handed hitters if you have more than one.

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I'd take on Romero in a heartbeat. I haven't heard his name thrown around anywhere for any team (other than the Angels saying he wouldn't be back with them). I'm guessing there isn't much interest in him yet, but he's probably part of the next tier of signings that are about to start now that the non-tender lists are out.
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*Echo, echo, echo...*


I agree, adding a guy like Romero is just what the doctor ordered. I feel that would solidify an already solid BP. Having two consistent lefties is a luxury many teams in MLB go without.


That being said, I don't really care if it's Romero or another option, but J.C. is just alright with me

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Well, I guess we can scrap Romero. He just signed a deal with Boston for $1.75 million with performance bonuses. The Sox also got Brendan Donnelly from the Angels for what seems to be the rather inexpensive cost of a minor league lefty who missed all of 2005 with injuries and was basically a waiver claim off the Mets a few years ago.


So, anyone got any other ideas?

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