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Reds offer Loretta 6M for 2 yrs, rumors from around the web

I'd like this, take another option away from teams who want a 2B. Since I'd never heard the Brewers linked to the Reds in a deal, this seems as good a place as any for Loretta to sign.


Royals will try to overpay to get Gil Meche.


Rangers want to sign both Zito and Padilla, Hicks opening wallet again.


Rockies want Lofton, if he'll sign for one year at 3 million...write that one down if you want him in Milwaukee.


Pirates asked Braves for LaRoche, Braves asked for Mike Gonzalez, Pirates unsure.


Baltimore asked for Giles and LaRoche when the Braves asked for Brian Roberts....doesn't appear likely, the Braves asked for Roberts and Penn.


O's say no one has discussed Tejada with them.


Pirates negotiating with Trot Nixon, brief mention of Jenkins as alternative if they fail...(says Milwaukee would take a minimal return, just wants his salary gone).


Cuban pitcher Yuslan Herrera has his visa now, is finalizing a contract with Pittsburgh.


Zito told Phils he wants 6 years, Phils say no pitcher will get that from them.


Seattle is offering around Beltre and Sexson, wants out of both contracts, sees this as the opportune time.


Marlins say no to Mets and Yanks on Dontrelle Willis.


We're trying to build from within to the point where we have a lot of choices so we're not forced to go into the free agent market which is typically unproductive," -Brian Cashman


Mets say Boras told them 6 yrs - 90M for Zito....Mets' response..."We'll wait."


Kenny Williams confirms Sox' interest in Aaron Rowand.


Braves definitely trying to move Hudson.


A "friend" says A-Rod would veto a deal to the White Sox.


"We'll likely have a closer before this month is over." -Theo Epstein, Red Sox


Jon Lester's latest CT scan was clean....Lester family has neither confirmed or denied the report.


Angels want LaRoche from the Braves, Braves want Figgins and a pitcher, Angels have told them Santana and Shields are "nearly untouchable."


Mariners told Orioles they want Bedard for Sexson....it won't happen.


Giants asked Cubs for Jacque Jones.


Cubs deny they have a deal done with Lilly, are also talking to Schmidt and Meche, and to the Rockies about Jennings.


Rockies say Astros asked for Jennings, they like Buchholz, Houston told them no on Chris Burke. Twins won't give up Garza or Bonser, don't want to move Baker or Crain, not a likely match. Rangers want Jennings too, Rocks like CJ Wilson. Mets may give Bannister or Milledge in a deal, but want to work out an extension with Jennings first.


Barajas is talking with Rockies.


That is all.

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I'd like Beltre for his superior defense, durability and solid bat. No, it's unlikely he's going to hit 40 HR, but he should be able to put up 25 HR and an .800+ OPS. The contract is the big thing -- I think $11.5 million this year and $12 million in 2008/09.


Perhaps we are better off just going with a Koskie/Cirillo platoon, but I worry that age/injuries will erode their production. Still, if the club truly plans on keeping Braun at 3B, you go with the platoon and ignore Beltre. If, however, you are looking to move Braun to a corner OF spot, you could settle your 3B position for three years by getting Beltre.

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If, however, you are looking to move Braun to a corner OF spot, you could settle your 3B position for three years by getting Beltre.


I don't like Beltre. The guy had one huge year prior to getting a large check. The years prior and the years after signing the contract the guys has been average. If we were going to move Braun to OF then I'd rather have Hall back at 3rd base.

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When I saw it this morning, I couldn't figure out why the Reds would be after Loretta, I didn't think they needed a guy who could play 2B with Phillips and Freel on the roster.


This just in....they want him as the righty half of a 1B platoon with Hatteberg....that's definitely one I did not see coming.

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The guy had one huge year prior to getting a large check.


Just to further illustrate this point, Beltre's full season OPS's:










There were/are "whispers" about that 2004 season, to say the least.

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