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Nolasco's K:BB & K:IP ratios are very compelling, but...


- He's obviously still very hittable

- A 4.49 career ERA & only 1 year out of 7 w/ an ERA under 4.48 (thus obviously his only sub-4 ERA year -- 5 years ago, no less!)

- A winning record, amazingly, but so did Braden Looper with fewer K's & less than half the salary


... all tell me the guy's just not worth it.


I'd love to be proven wrong -- and I'll gladly root for him if he somehow ends up a Brewer -- but I just don't see it.

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Let's face it. If Haren took 13mil to be signed and Nolasco will cost 11.5 plus prospects? I think the Brewers would have been way way on top of signing Haren for 13mil to 13.5 if they want to take on 1 year of Nolasco while losing prospects.


Frankly, if the Marlins are allowed to trade Nolasco now that Escobar is gone, MLB has a problem on their hands. You would be looking at a Marlins payroll of 20mil approximately for 2013. The Players Organization would have to make some sort of complaint that would have to be heard. A Baseball team who's had their stadium funded majority by tax money, receives 30+Mil yearly in revenue who in turn make repeated salary dumps below money they are being funded for paying to put a team on the field? I think Nolasco would just be the last straw unless the Marlins made some drastic FA signing(who'd be willing?) in order to bring their payroll back to 30mil and above.


I am not a fan of Nolasco and the only reason he's getting 11.5mil for his lack of production is because he's obviously been in the Marlins plan all along to be traded. So they wouldn't have to worry about this final year in his contract.

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