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Michael Bourn

I've noticed Michael Bourn seems to be running out of options, and possibly has his pricetag coming down. He seems to be really coming into his own as a player and I love watching him play. I know it's probably not realistic or necessary, but what do people think about him as a potential Brewer. Is he enough of a difference maker to take a chance on? If we keep Gomez around were going to have to pay him a lot also, so we could trade Gomez for pitching if we acquire Bourn.
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Gomez isn't going to get us any worthwhile pitching that would push another out of the rotation. Bourn would be a huge waste of money. Although he's elite in CF, so is Gomez. And he doesn't provide us with anything else over Gomez except a larger paycheck and less short/medium-term flexibility.


I like Michael, but it's just not a good fit.

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To me, Bourn's price tag vs. production (i.e., "value") doesn't merit the difference compared w/ Gomez's "value" to the point that it's not even remotely worth considering.


I think if it's a matter of spending seriously big money on a bat, it's Hamilton or no one (which would theoretically improve an already-good offense but still NOT address the more glaring need of pitching unless subsequent roster-adjusting trades did so).

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Here are there career numbers.




79 OPS+




90 OPS+


However when you look at Gomez numbers from just his time in Milwaukee, they're not all that different from Bourn's career except Gomez power makes up for his lack of OBP.


Gomez 2010-2012


89 OPS+


And if we want to project into the future what kind of contract Gomez will be looking for next year, it will be at least what Bourn gets but probably more along the lines of BJ Upton if Carlos can replicate his 2012 season. Gomez numbers last year were almost identical to Upton's career numbers.


Gomez 2012


OPS+ 102


Upton Career


OPS+ 105

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