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Brewers Sign IF Donnie Murphy


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  • 3 months later...

donnie murphy signed a minor league deal, meaning he should expect to be playing in the minor leagues.


granted, he can ask for his release, now that alex gonzalez and yuniesky betancourt appears locks to make the team, but where would that leave the brewers with depth at shortstop? gonzalez is coming off a season-ending injury and betancourt is betancourt.

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Surprising he had the clause, why thought that highly of him to put the clause in? I mean, he just got replaced by Yuni afterall. Had to figure his shot at the roster was all but gone with that signing. Gives him a small chance to latch on elsewhere but I doubt it.


I usually think these decisions are made out of anger and not thinking it through. He's not good enough to mandate a 25 man roster spot. Every team in baseball has guys like him on the roster right now, and it's unlikely he's a huge upgrade over any of them, so the teams will likely just stick with their own guys. The Brewers know him this year, know how he's been playing, etc. His best course of action was to stay with them, be an injury away from coming and going to AAA. Then see what happens around the league and if you think you can go elsewhere, request your release at that point.


I'd put money on him starting the season in the minors with another team, not on a 25 man roster.

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My guess is that he wants to go somewhere a little thinner at SS...he's 4th or fifth in line with the Brewers..


of course, if he couldn't stick with the Marlins, then he's probably not going to be playing much anywhere

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Probably a AAA signing but I'd also put him as somebody I'd rather have hitting against LH pitching than our current MLB 2B.


Murphy vs. lefties career: .212/.290/.417 in 326 PA


Gennett has a grand total of 83 PA against lefties. He's 2 for 32 against lefty specialist relievers but vs. lefty starters, Gennett carries a .261/.320/.391 line. A greater percentage of Gennett's AB's against lefties will now be against starters that A. He'll get to see multiple times in a game and B. Who aren't necessarily tough on LH hitters.


I think you'll see Gennett get lifted late against the premier lefty specialists, but he'll do well enough against the starters the first 2-3 times through the order.

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