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Game #1: Thursday 5/16 - White House (away, 1B) - 6:30 - [LOSS]


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I completely forgot... is there anyone that doesn't have a shirt that would like one? The only extras I have on me are #19 XL, #17 XXL, #28 XXL. I can always order more, and they would take about a week. I'm might do an embroidered hat this weekend for myself, see how it turns out......

Austin 5:29

Life never slows down, so always make it exciting #moveit

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Between this thread and text messages, I've gotten confirmation from just about everyone.




SS Schubert

3B Aaron

LF Houle

DH Alan

RC Drick

LC Beeks

1B Robin19

2B valpo

RF nullbyte

CC Jon

DH Kenny

PP Radman


So, we'll esentially start with the same configuration as last year, we'll have the two new guys DH to start the game, then shake things up in the 4th inning. Probably rotate players using positions CC, 1B, 2B, RC, and RF?

"We all know he is going to be a flaming pile of Suppan by that time." -fondybrewfan
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