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Players known for crazy plays/moments/etc


In the spirit of Will Ferrell playing all 10 positions for 5 teams yesterday (A tribute to Bert Campaneris accomplishing the feat in 1965) what are some other players known for wild moments during their career?


I can come up with a few to get started:

Toby Harrah once played a double header at shortstop and not once touched the ball

Fernando Tatis once hit two grand slams in the same inning

Kevin Kouzmanoff is the only player to ever hit a grand slam on his first big league pitch

Dock Ellis once threw a no hitter on LSD

John Odom, a minor league pitcher, was once traded for 10 bats

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mark 'the bird' fidrych would talk to the ball on the mound.


ozzie smith doing the backflip.


wade boggs eating a tub of fried chicken before every game.


damian miller became the first player to hit a walkoff home run in his namesake ballpark.


rob deer foul balls that would go back over the roof at county stadium.

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Kevin Kouzmanoff is the only player to ever hit a grand slam on his first big league pitch


Daniel Nava hit a salami on the first pitch he ever saw as well in 2010


Bill Wambsganss turned the only postseason unassisted triple play, in the 1920 world series.

The Twins turned 2 triple plays in the same 9 inning game in 1990.

Harvey Haddux threw 12 straight perfect innings in a game at County stadium but lost in the 13th.

Tom Seaver struck out 10 straight hitters.

Ron Hassey caught 2 perfect games

Robby Thompson was caught stealing 4 times in one game.

Despite Jean Segura's best efforts, Germany Shaefer is the only player to steal the same base twice in the same time on-base.

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I always remember going to the game where Zack Greinke started his 3rd game in a row for the Brewers back in 2012.


First game he was ejected quite quickly for spiking the ball, started the next day's game, and finally because of the all star break he started the first game back.


He was something like the first to do it since 1917. I am guessing he will be the last too.

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Rick Dempsey entertaining the fans during rain delays was always interesting.


I was at this game in Milwaukee as a child. I remember parking on Bluemound, watching Dempsey, and walking back up the hill in the rain. It is one of my favorite baseball games I have ever gone to.



Beat me to it. I too was at that game as a kid. Growing up we made it to only a couple games per season as a family and it always seemed to have a rain delay.


For a player known for an oddity...One that stands out is how Glenn Braggs would break bats on his own back when swinging through a strike.

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