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The only thing I know about either of these guys is that I once saw the severed head of the guy on the left on a turtle in the dessert somewhere outside of El Paso (and he's also in a commercial featuring the Brady Bunch). So, I'm going to go with the guy on the right. Is that Vin Diesel (spelling?)...is that who that is?

User in-game thread post in 1st inning of 3rd game of the 2022 season: "This team stinks"

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Good pick for a Who Wins.


In his prime, I'd have taken Danny Trejo. But lets face it, he's 70years old(yes you read that right and 15years older than I thought) Diesel is 47.(about 8-10years older than thought)


If performance is starting to dwindle by age 30 or 35 lets say, Trejo is twice that age and I'm going to guess not able to handle a Vin Diesel attack for long.

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