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Garza to the Dodgers (Off season trade)

So Garza has been bad this year I don't really think that is going to stop many teams in the off season from acquiring him plus there is value here in the Dodgers being able to shed a salary here. With Greinke more than likely opting out of his contract Garza makes some sense here for the Dodgers to fill the hole Greinke is going to leave. While Garza is not Greinke he can still fill in as the Dodgers #3 or #4 pitcher in their rotation. Garza's numbers should also improve playing the majority of his games in pitchers parks.


The trade proposal:


Dodgers get Garza


Brewers get Ethier, Austin Barnes, and Zach Lee.


While I would prefer to get Holmes in this deal believe Austin Barnes is a better get and it allows the Brewers to trade Lucroy for a better pitcher than Holmes. The Brewers are taking on more money with Ethier but it pays off with the Brewers getting an above average catcher and another mid rotation starter in Lee. If the Dodgers insisted on trading Crawford instead I would look at asking for Barnes and Holmes as that is taking on an additional ~8m next year and ~9m in 2017. Even if Garza's option vests for 2018 the Brewers would still be taking on approximately $4m of Crawford's contract.

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It’s funny, but I was thinking of a very similar proposal. I think the Brewers should be willing to take on a bad or underperforming contract and/or add money to any deal where it makes sense. The proposal you laid out does just that although Ethier’s contract isn’t terrible for what he’s done so far this year.


I do wonder if the Brewers could get more value from the Dodgers now than in the offseason (assuming Garza only misses a start or two). Crawford is currently on a rehab assignment and there’s really no place for him on their roster. Garza, while underperforming, gives them a veteran pitcher to slide into that 4 or 5 spot in their rotation. Additionally, he gives them an arm next year when guys like Greinke (opt-out), Anderson (FA), Ryu (shoulder), and McCarthy (elbow) all have question marks.


FWIW, my in season idea was Garza and Broxton (added to even out salaries this year) for Crawford, Barnes, De Leon, and Bellinger.


If, and that’s definitely debatable, Garza/Broxton perform similarly to Crawford, it boils down to the Brewers buying the 3 prospects for $16M. I also am assuming that Garza’s option does not vest.

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