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Selling a bunch of my less common bobbles


I’m selling the majority of my less common bobbleheads. I simply don’t have the room to display them anymore. I want to post my list here before I move them to Craigslist and Ebay. Most of the prices listed are from the price guide here at the forum, but I’m willing to negotiate. Photos are available. I also have most of the common Brewers bobbleheads from 2004-2010. I also have all the Brewers media guides from 2003-2015 and Snappers programs from 2004-2008 and 2010 if anyone is into collecting that type of thing.


I live near the Dane/Jefferson line and am willing to meet a reasonable distance away. Otherwise I can ship them. Please send me a PM if interested.


Milwaukee Brewers


7/13/03 Jeffrey Hammonds ($30) No box, no stub

9/02/06 Robin Yount (Rookie) ($35) With box and stub

9/02/06 Robin Yount (MVP) ($35) With box and stub

9/02/06 Robin Yount (Coach) ($20) With box and stub



Beloit Snappers


8/09/02 "Snappy" Mascot ($85) No box or stub

7/04/03 "Patriotic Snappy" Mascot ($90) No box or stub

8/03/03 Brad Nelson ($35) No box or stub

6/27/04 Tony Gwynn Jr. ($40) No box or stub

7/18/04 Rickie Weeks ($65) Ticket stub but no box. The stub went through the wash and is in ok shape.

8/15/04 Don Money ($60) Autographed and ticket stub. No box.

6/05/05 Dave Krynzel ($25) Ticket stub and Box, but no Styrofoam in box

7/31/05 Vinny Rottino ($35) Ticket stub and Box, but no Styrofoam in box

9/04/05 B.J. Surhoff ($40)

6/25/06 "Brewsteer" Mascot ($40) With box and stub

7/16/06 Bill Hall ($30) With box and ticket stub

8/20/06 Greg Vaughn ($35) With box and ticket stub

6/24/07 Matt Garza ($30) With box and ticket stub

7/22/07 Jeff Cirillo ($35) With box and stub

8/12/07 Prince Fielder ($35)


Helena Brewers


8/01/08 Ryan Braun ($35) Box, but no stub


High Desert Mavericks


8/03/03 Brad Nelson ($40) Plain white box with initials BN written in corner. No stub.

7/24/04 J.J. Hardy ($70) No box or ticket stub.


Huntsville Stars


6/24/04 "Homer" Mascot ($40) No box or ticket stub

6/10/05 Dave Krynzel ($30) Box, but no Styrofoam in box No stub

7/30/05 Ben Sheets ($45) Box, but no Styrofoam in box No stub

7/07/07 Rickie Weeks ($45) With box and ticket stub

7/28/07 Prince Fielder ($45) Box, but no Styrofoam in box No stub


Indianapolis Indians


8/17/02 Ben Sheets ($35) No box or stub

6/15/03 Cecil Cooper ($30) No box or stub

6/06/04 Bob Uecker ($55) Ticket stub, but no box


Stockton Ports


7/12/02 Gary Sheffield ($70) No box or ticket stub

8/14/04 Geoff Jenkins ($50) Box but no ticket stub

8/05/05 Ben Sheets ($55) Ticket stub, but no box


Wisconsin Timerrattlers


08/03/03 Fang bobblehead - 1st ever Fang bobble ($60) No box or ticket stub

2005 Fang bobblehead ($35) No box or stub. Retail version

6/24/06 David Ortiz ($25) No box or stub


Wisconsin Woodchucks


2007?? Jim Gantner ($30) No box or stub

06/26/07 Gorman Thomas ($30) Ticket stub only, no box

2008 Jim Gantner ($20) White box with handwritten notes on box. No stub.


Fort Wayne Wizards

08/14/2006 Randy Ready ($30) Box but no stub


Lancaster Jethawks

05/07/2004 Jim Slaton ($50) Box but no stub. NOTE: The small sponsor placard had broken off from the base when I acquired the bobblehead. I glued it back on. The placard is not chipped and it is nearly impossible to tell it had been glued back on.


Altoona Curve

7/3/2001 Dale Sveum ($60) No box or ticket stub


University of Wisconsin

Pat Richter in his Badgers uniform ($75) This was given out to athletic department employee’s only about six or seven years ago and is very rare.

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I've also got a few extras that i'm looking to sell for the price guide price or best offer + shipping since I live in Chicago so will have to ship them. If someone buys all 4, i've also got an Edwin Jackson Cubs bobblehead I can toss in for free if they want it. All of these have never been taken out of the box.


Jason Kendall white - 2009 ($10)

Greinke white - 2011 ($15)

Gorman pilots - 2013 ($15)

Carlos Gomez gold glove - 2014 ($35)

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I just have to say, that price guide is completely outdated... It really needs to be fixed up to reflect the current market. A lot of those bobbles have gone down in price, and there are also quite a few that have gone up in value as well. (sadly, though I think there are more that took a dive than went up.)


MPS, those top 3 are probably pretty accurate (at least in the ballpark, but that Gorman is now in the $10 range too), but that gold glove Gomez is worth $15 tops as well...


I have seen a lot of people going by that guide, because there is nothing else out there to compare prices to, but if you want to find out what bobbles are truly worth, look to eBay, and look in their "sold" section. eBay will tell you what people are willing to pay for them, which is probably the most accurate way to find a bobble's value these days.

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