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Does anyone play OOTP?


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I'm still on Version 13, but I play it now and again. Like any game I play it a lot for a few months then nothing at all for another few.


It's too bad the game isn't web-based, because I think it could really take off on that kind of platform. I had a lot of friends willing to play but it's just too difficult when you can't set up your week during work. Also because the Commissioner duties are fairly complicated in gathering up everyone's information and computing it.


We haven't had much of an OOTP conversation on Brewerfan before, which is surprising. I'd like to tell you I'd be up for a league, but the truth of the matter is that I'd participate heavily for a good while but likely get bored of it in six months. If it were beer-league level I may, but it wouldn't be right for me to join a league of people who were truly serious about it.

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Has anyone tried the android/mobile version? I played 9 years ago and I'm considering trying this out.


I have only briefly played it. It feels kind of clunky at first but I haven't really gotten into it real deep yet.

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