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Lind/Gomez to Baltimore

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That wouldn't be enough for Gomez alone in my mind.


I'd have to agree. Nothing special there.


For me, the keys would be Sisco, the catcher with a good bat, and Tanner Scott, the LHP whose fastball hits triple-digits. Stretch Scott into a starting pitcher... it would make the deal much better. Davies would be another young starter, and would give the Crew a decent option. Reyes has gone up to Delmarva at 18, and also looks very good.


This is three of the top ten prospects in the Orioles system, and Scott looks undervalued to me.

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The O's would have to add in Gausman as well.


The word "meh" comes to mind when looking at Gausman. He did okay last year, but this year, he's only had 5 starts, and in 2013, he scuffled.


I'd rather have 2B Jonathan Schoop and OF/3B Jimmy Paredas than Gausman.

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