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6th inning ERA for SP around 10


Wise, Villy, and Gallardo are having great years thus far and are great options to pitch the 6th and 7th. Don't look now, but even Spurling has a great ERA.


For whatever reason, the SP's struggle in the 6th. A multitude of people believe Yost leaves them in, 90% of the time, at least two batters too long. When I would take the pitcher out, he has Maddux call the bullpen and make a visit to the mound. Next, he could easily use a crop of 3 middle relief men, maybe four, to routinely get up in the 6th to throw in case of trouble.


We are losing games or being taken out of close games because the SP are giving up huge amounts of runs instead of being pulled in the latter innings for a great alternative.

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Ok IDK why people rip on Ned Yost for leaving his pitchers in there to get out of thier own problems, and trying to save the pen for later in the year.


I know you said that we could have a 4 person rotation for the 6th inning but what about the 7th, 8th, and 9th? With 74 games left, if Ned did decide to do this and relieve his SP in the 6th, that would be 296 Innings for the pen and thats a hell of a lot of innings for that pen in that short of a stretch.


It just irkes me when people complain about Ned doing his job. He probably has more knowledge about baseball and more importantly about the team then we as fans. And finally a question for the OP if the SP is pitching good, lets say they are at 5IP 2ER and had a 123 in the 5th are you still gonna take him out in the 6th inning because some of our SP struggle with that inning?


Sorry about my rant, it ends with I would like to see Vargas go to the pen because hes the biggest culprete(sp?) about this. I believe he hasnt gotten to the 7th inning at all this year, so I would like him in the pen and give Villy the 5th spot.

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If relief pitchers were good to go immediately without a warmup, I'd concur. However, guys need time in the bullpen, and generally, the SP is coasting along when the wheels suddenly start to come off.


By the rationale of many here, there should be guys warming up just in case something happens.


Way to burn the bullpen out guys...

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Overall ERA:

Villy 2.83

Wise 2.87

Gallardo 3.38


6th inning ERA:

Capuano 14.85

Vargas 16.43

Suppan 8.56

Sheets 5.17


7th inning ERA:

Bush 14.14


For those making any argument for Yost's use of the bullpen yesterday, here's your sign and stats.


Gotta love the fan that is supporting Yost's decision to save the pen on the brink of a 4 day rest. I love the argument of overusing the bullpen especially when Yost used our most important reliever, Cordero, on 6 consecutive days. Pitchers also can go multiple innings, taking up the 6th and 7th, for those worrying about the 7th.


If the overuse of bullpen pitchers is such a problem, bring up another pitcher(Parra, Balfour), send down Gross, and use Dave Bush as the last man off the bench to hit. How many times do the Brewers use all the men off their bench? Once, maybe?

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OPS against by inning for the entire team.


1 .782

2 .695

3 .691

4 .703

5 .671

6 .914

7 .774

8 .629

9 .671


OPS for pitches 76-100 is .960. Starters should be able to go more than 75 pitches, the team is not going to be able to pull every starter after 75 pitches so not sure I can put the blame on Yost more than on the pitchers themselves.

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IDK = "I don't know."


I think this discussion can be rolled into the Bullpen management thread.


Feel free to copy and paste your comments. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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