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RIP Louie Anderson


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I will always remember him from his Saturday Morning cartoon show on Fox ~ ‘Life with Louie.’




My son and I watched every Saturday when he was a little guy...


Loved that show!


We even have a VHS tape floating around someplace because we used to record the episodes so he could re-watch them.


Good times.


Just did a wiki search:


"Life with Louie is an American animated television series. The show is based on the childhood of well-known stand-up comedian Louie Anderson, growing up with his family in the town of Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin during the early 1960s, although Anderson himself was actually from Saint Paul, Minnesota, also situated in midwestern US.[1][2]


The first two episodes aired in primetime on Fox in late 1994, before moving to Saturday morning on Fox Kids from 1995 to 1998."

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