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Where does this system rank now?

With all the callups and this lousy Linebrink trade where does this system rank now in regards to other teams in MLB? Do we still have a highly ranked system with lots of future stars or are we now lacking impact minor league talent? How do guys like Jeffress, Laporta and Brewer project in the future. Its great that we have guys like Braun, Gallardo, and Parra in the majors now but is the system now in major need of guys with high upsides. I thought Inman was that type and Im really upset to see him go. Any thought on where this system stands now?
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I'm no expert on minor league baseball, actually not even at the tenderfoot level http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/embarassed.gif, but this certainly would weaken us a bit....


However, if we keep drafting well, we should be in the top half/top third of systems for the foreseeable future. (We need to be to stay competitive)


Losing minor league talent to graduation hurts the system, but eventually, we'll stop losing our post-arbitration players to free-agency and the compensation picks will help us "re-load"


By virtue of not being "terrible", we won't have a block of top-5, top-10 overall MLB draft picks for awhile, and therefore might not have an "impact" group of players like Hardy, Braun, Hart, Fielder, Yo for another 20-25 years, but there is no reason to think our farm system won't be one of the best run in baseball...

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With the graduations of Braun and Gallardo, and the deal to get Linebrink, the top half of the system will definitely be weaker than what its been in recent years.


That doesn't mean there isn't still some fine quality in the system though, as the high picks from the last two drafts are in the bottom half at this point.


I think the ranking has to slip some, you can't "lose" talent like Braun and Gallardo without taking a hit. I also think the team will have some nice, high picks to work with in the next draft, which should refill the open spaces.


We're seeing some international free agent signings, and we know Jack Z can pick 'em, I doubt we'll ever see the farm system in a freefall as long as the current regime is running it.

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The LaPorta pick reminds me an awful lot of when we drafted Fielder, a guy who has unquestioned offensive upside, but seems stuck at a position, 1st base, where we already have an established star, or as a DH. LaPorta's move to left field seems as unlikely now as Prince's ability to be a MLB 1st baseman was when he was drafted. LaPorta could equal Fielder offensively (especially with our recent astonishing run of successful call-ups).


That being said, as far as impact potential, I've got to give the immediate nod to Jeffress. Other than that, we are pretty bad. A bunch of possible role players and bullpen arms if we are lucky.


I really liked Inman, but a bunch of people more knowldgeable than I am and who have a better track record than I do at predicting a player's future are not so high on him. I'll trust them over me any day.


As far as where we rank, We should be in the upper part of the middle of the pack, but many questioned LaPorta. I would put us at about roughly 12, but others may kick us back as far as 20.

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LaPorta's move to left field seems as unlikely now as Prince's ability to be a MLB 1st baseman was when he was drafted.


Just curious why you say that when the guy hasn't even taken the field yet?

"Dustin Pedroia doesn't have the strength or bat speed to hit major-league pitching consistently, and he has no power......He probably has a future as a backup infielder if he can stop rolling over to third base and shortstop." Keith Law, 2006
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I say that because all I know about LaPorta is what is written about him, and plenty of people have doubts about his move to LF. All I knew about Fielder when we drafted him was what was written about him, and plenty people doubted his ability to play first in the majors.


That's all I meant when I posted that statement. The two picks seem similar to me. Pick the biggest offensive potential on the board regardless of defensive questions (you can add Braun to that list as well), and hope you can make them passable as major league defenders.


It was not meant to be a negative comment because Fielder has been a pleasant suprize in the field, but with a name like that, I guess none of us should have doubted.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but we just hurt our SP depth in the minors by trading Inman, so we have to be very careful about trading from our SP "strength." If you look at the depth chart, based on rough likelihood of opening next year in the rotation:












Jack Squat.


That's nice, 1-8. But maybe Parra can't start, and/or maybe they need Villy to at least start the year in the pen, which is obviously less important than the rotation but he's proven in that role. If both of those things happen, even if you still count one of those guys as the "sixth starter," your tradeable surplus is down to one. I'm pretty sure the next name on the list is Zach Jackson, who doesn't inspire tons of confidence.



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