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Brewer 2007 Top Ten Rounds (Draft Signing Bonuses)

From PGCrosschecker.com:


First number is overall pick:


7 Brewers *Matt LaPorta LF $2,000,000

101 Brewers Jon Lucroy C $340,000

131 Brewers Eric Farris 2B $207,000

161 Brewers Caleb Gindl OF $144,900

191 Brewers Dan Merklinger LHP $123,300

221 Brewers Efrain Nieves LHP $115,000

251 Brewers David Fonseca SS $80,000

281 Brewers Kristian Bueno LHP $100,000

311 Brewers Eric Fryer C $67,500


All teams, top ten rounds:



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Well, somebody was arguing that point on draft day (I don't remember who, so don't you moderators accuse me of baiting http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif ), but I never saw the reasoning behind that argument...you'll see that Lucroy got slot money as did most of our picks.
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When will LaPorta begin playing games for us? I've been watching the link reports, and he still hasn't played a game yet, to my knowledge.


I really want to see what this guy can do and I really want to see him push his ways through the minors and add yet another impact bat to our offense.

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