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Link Report for Tue. 7/3 -- Late Media Updates Included

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Tuesday's Daily Menu:


All times Central; pitchers subject to change --


Nashville: RHP Chris Oxspring at home vs. Round Rock (Astros), 6:45 PM pre-game; 7:00 gametime


Audio link:



Huntsville: LHP Lindsay Gulin at West Tenn (Mariners), 6:50 PM pre-game; 7:05 gametime


Audio link:



Brevard County: TBD (Times Two) in a double-dip at Palm Beach (Cardinals), 3:25 PM pre-game, 3:35 gametime -- it should be a nice challenge for Mat Gamel and the 'Tees as they face rehabbing RHP Chris Carpenter in one of the games, likely the opener


Audio link (game will also archive at this link):



NOTE: It appears the Manatees have reduced their broadcast schedule -- today's link is for the Palm Beach audio.


West Virginia: RHP Alex Periard at home vs. Asheville (Rockies), 5:55 PM pre-game, 6:05 gametime


Audio link (game will also archive at this link):



Helena: RHP Donovan Hand at home vs. Great Falls (White Sox), 7:50 PM pre-game, 8:05 gametime


Audio link (game will also archive at this link):



Arizona: Soon-to-be 19-year-old RHP Shane Hill vs. the Angels' kids at home in Maryvale, 10:30 AM local time in Arizona, 12:30 Central; never any audio for Arizona Rookie League games

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Follow Tuesday's action as it happens:

Here's what you do, right click on each of the links below and choose "Open in New Window". Open the Nashville Gameday. For the others, choose "Log". While you're listening to your minor league game of choice (or watching/listening to the big league Crew when they are playing), simply refresh your game log browsers every so often.










Brevard County Game One:




Brevard County Game Two:




West Virginia:











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These links will be included in each daily report when the Nashville Sounds and/or Huntsville Stars are scheduled to play. Normally they are updated an hour or two prior to gametime, with Nashville's usually earlier:


Nashville Media Notes (Adobe .pdf format):




Huntsville Media Notes (Adobe .pdf format):



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Standings through Monday's action:
 Pacific Coast League (AAA) - PCL American North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nashville 51 33 .607 - 29-12 22-21 W6 Iowa 46 38 .548 5.0 25-18 21-20 L6 Omaha 40 45 .471 11.5 27-15 13-30 W1 Memphis 35 50 .412 16.5 18-25 17-25 L1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Southern League (AA) - SOU North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chattanooga 9 6 .600 - 5-4 4-2 L3 Tennessee 9 6 .600 - 7-2 2-4 W3 Carolina 7 8 .467 2.0 4-2 3-6 W5 Huntsville 5 10 .333 4.0 2-4 3-6 L2 West Tenn 5 10 .333 4.0 5-4 0-6 W2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Florida State League (A+) - FSL East Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Palm Beach 7 4 .636 - 4-3 3-1 L1 Brevard County 6 5 .545 1.0 3-2 3-3 W2 Jupiter 5 6 .455 2.0 3-1 2-5 L1 St. Lucie 5 6 .455 2.0 3-4 2-2 W2 Daytona 4 8 .333 3.5 3-4 1-4 W2 Vero Beach 3 9 .250 4.5 1-3 2-6 L9 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- South Atlantic League (A) - SAL Northern Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lake County 8 3 .727 - 5-1 3-2 W1 Lakewood 7 4 .636 1.0 5-1 2-3 L3 Hickory 6 6 .500 2.5 3-3 3-3 L2 West Virginia 6 6 .500 2.5 2-2 4-4 L2 Delmarva 4 7 .364 4.0 2-3 2-4 L1 Hagerstown 3 8 .273 5.0 3-2 0-6 W3 Lexington 3 9 .250 5.5 2-2 1-7 L3 Greensboro 2 10 .167 6.5 1-3 1-7 L2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pioneer League (R+) - PIO North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helena 8 6 .571 - 3-4 5-2 W4 Billings 7 7 .500 1.0 4-2 3-5 L1 Great Falls 7 7 .500 1.0 4-3 3-4 L2 Missoula 6 8 .429 2.0 3-5 3-3 W1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arizona League (R) - Arizona League Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AZL Mariners 8 1 .889 - 4-0 4-1 W7 AZL Angels 7 2 .778 1.0 6-0 1-2 W2 AZL Rangers 5 4 .556 3.0 2-2 3-2 L1 AZL Cubs 4 5 .444 4.0 3-2 1-3 L2 AZL Giants 4 5 .444 4.0 2-2 2-3 W2 AZL Padres 4 5 .444 4.0 2-2 2-3 L1 AZL Brewers 3 5 .375 4.5 1-3 2-2 L2 AZL Athletics 3 6 .333 5.0 2-2 1-4 W1 AZL Royals 2 7 .222 6.0 2-3 0-4 L1

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In progress: Arizona Angels 5, Arizona Brewers 0, after two innings


2006 8th round pick RHP Shane Hill is just struggling so badly right now, you do feel for the kid -- in his 1.2 IP today, he walked seven men, hit a batter, and threw three wild pitches. Two of the four outs he got came on a pickoff play which ended up a double play. In four innings now on the season, Hill has walked 17 men and has yet to strike out a batter. He struggled in 2006, but not to this extent (18 walks in 19 IP). It will be interesting to see if the Brewers can save him.

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With an RBI single in the 2nd inning (he later doubled as well), Brevard County third baseman Mat Gamel extended his hit streak to 30 games in the opener of a doubleheader today, won by the Manatees, 7-3 (game details later on).


Gamel is now just one game off the all-time Florida State League record, set by now big-leaguer Casey Blake, who had a 31-game hitting streak with Dunedin in 1998.


Gamel's base hit came off Cardinal RHP Trey Hearne, who had just come on in relief of rehabbing Chris Carpenter (Gamel grounded out against Carpenter, first to the pitcher covering, in the first inning.)


Wisely, because it is a scheduled seven-inning game perhaps, Gamel is not in the Brevard County lineup for the nightcap, which is currently delayed by rain, with the Manatees trailing, 3-0, in the bottom of the 2nd. You'd think it'd be unlikely Mat would be used as a pinch-hitter later on.

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4 for 4 with a walk... this kid will be an OBP machine with his plate discipline.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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I've posted this before, and And That posted it as well, but does anyone have any information on Robinson? He's the only DFE yet to see action and it's driving me nuts.


edit. And no Gindl again... boo... I hope he's just sick.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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Gamel is awesome. I can't wait until he gets out of that park. His numbers would be ridiculous if he was just playing in a neutral park/league, or even just a slightly pitcher friendly one.


Is he going to be a lock to move up once his hit streak ends?

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I just came over here, and Mike has become the first guy whose line I check -- thanks, Boy Jeenius!


I'm not bringing this up now to be snotty, but Toby (if you're around), I actually wanted to get more about your take on Brantley. IIRC, you've seemed pretty convinced almost from the time of his promotion that he should be demoted (re-moted?) to A+.


I too was surprised at the move to AA. I wonder, though -- leaving last night and tonight out of it -- whether sending him to A+ now or soon would really be a good idea. I have no idea what the organization was thinking promoting him two levels, but unless they told him at the outset that this was a brief experiment and that he'd probably settle in Brevard, wouldn't it mess with his head pretty badly to send him there after 75 bad PAs? Now, after 150 bad PAs, they could tell him it wasn't working yet, go down, work hard, and get yourself back here. At that point, his confidence would probably improve with the demotion. But my sense is that giving him a bit more rope, even if he keeps stinking up the joint, may be the wisest course at this point. Thoughts?


Of course, bringing last night and tonight back into it (OBP now .361, SEC .294, but who's counting?), I'm hoping he justifies the promotion. He's an interesting player -- we'll see.


BTW, my other personal fave prospect, Brent Brewer, has kind of fallen on hard times lately (first two-hit game in ten days tonight, but also three more Ks). Does anyone have insights about what's up with him, or can we just rest comfortably with the knowledge that he has still been a lot better than we expected at 19? Not that I'm exactly worried about Brent -- he's having fairly close to the season that another raw, toolsy guy, Charlie Fermaint, had at the same level last year, but Brent's a year younger and playing ss.



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Good question, Heether has had a decent year though at AA. We've talked a bunch about Gamel, and honestly I have no solid opinion what to do with him. He's been awesome since early May and definately has earned a promotion, I just don't know where to.


Even if he's moved to the outfield he creates a bigger prospect logjam than already exists. I know people like to talk about the lack of outfield prospects, but it's more a lack of true power prospects as Colby has pointed out. There are quite a few guys that could be 20/20 type guys or better down the road, like a Corey Hart... I see nothing wrong with that.


Heether and Sollman have both played pretty well, they don't deserve to get bumped off of 1st and 3rd respectively. Maybe you could bump one up to Nashville, especially in Sollman's case. They both have some intriguing numbers, like in Sollman's case, he has more BB and SO after 287 ABs, that's no small sample anymore. I realize both kids technically are probably not considered elite prospects, but they've played well, and deserve to be treated accordingly.


edit. I still find Brewer's season very encouraging. I was hoping he'd start reducing his strikeouts, but I can live with it if he doesn't start improving till next year in that regard. He's had a couple of tough games with the glove recently though, so I hope he's not losing his confidence.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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To me, Brantley's physical abilities haven't caught up with his approach to hitting. He's definitely got an advanced enough idea of how to hit to be in AA, but there's also the concern that he might not be physically advanced enough (power-wise) to be super successful at that level. And he's young, so there's not any real rush to have him there.


I think it's a tough spot, where you probably have to trust the scouts and coaches to say that he has the makeup to handle tough times in AA (if and when he hits them) in stride.

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Greg, I have to make this short because I'm borrowing someone else's computer, but Brett explained my point of view almost exactly. Brantley could draw a walk in Milwaukee right now, but that doesn't mean it would be helping his development to put him there. Brantley's biggest flaw is his lack of strength... IMO, he needs to be at a place where he can feel comfortable enough at the plate to be able to work on his power game as well as his basic approach at the plate. If that place is Huntsville, great, but I'd really like to see him mash a little more in Brevard (as much as anyone could mash there). Not to mention, he'd be playing with Ford and Cain, whom I really see as being the core of the next great wave of Brewers prospects.


If he can handle AA, great. I'm just not sure that the risk is completely worth the reward. Mike needs to get bigger and stronger... could be they just have better restaurants in the Southern League. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


And Heether is still valuable because he can play 2B, 1B and the OF in addition to third.

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Final: Arizona Angels 11, Arizona Brewers 1


Arizona Box Score:

While not stellar, RHP's Pedro Lambertus and Jorge Crespo at least threw acceptably to keep this from being any worse; only two hits for the good guys, while drawing five walks at least; the Brewers' Arizona clubs are historically among the most raw group of prospects in the league year in and year out -- can't remember the A-Crew ever challenging for even a half-season title in Brewerfan's seven years -- of course, moreso than anywhere else in the chain, we're talking about developing tools here, particularly pitching...




Arizona Game Log:



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Final: Great Falls (White Sox) 3, Helena 2


Helena Site Game Summary:


HELENA--The Brewer bats recorded 10 hits, but Helena left many scoring opportunities on the base paths while Great Falls capitalized, eventually winning 3-2. Helena left 12 runners on base and reliever Nick Tyson threw four shutout innings to end the game, but the Brewers could not muster enough runs to overcome the White Sox.


Brewer starter Donovan Hand took his second loss of the season, allowing three runs on six hits. Great Falls jumped on the board when White Sox designated-hitter Joshua Morgan delivered the game's first run in the top of the first inning on an RBI single. The Brewers tied the game in the home half of the first inning. Jonathan Lucroy continues to swing a hot bat as he singled in the tying run.


Great Falls reclaimed the lead in the third inning when James Gallagher hit a solo home run for a 2-1 White Sox lead. C.J. Retherford added his own solo home run in the fifth inning to increase the Great Falls advantage to 3-1. Helena did not wait long to respond, however, cutting the deficit in half in the bottom of the fifth inning. A Lee Haydel RBI single brought Scotty McKnight home to make it a 3-2 game.


The Brewers threatened in the eighth and the ninth innings, but once again could not convert leaving base runners stranded in each inning.


Helena now falls into a tie for first-place in the North Division at 8-7. The Brewers will look to get back on track Wednesday at 4:05 PM (5:05 Central) when they take on the Billings Mustangs.


Link while active, text follows:




Missed opportunities costly for Brewers

By TOM COTTON, Helena Independent Record Sports Editor


The Helena Brewers didn?t get run out of Kindrick Legion Field Tuesday evening, but they did run themselves out of the game.


Brewer base runners were cut down several times on the basepaths in a 3-2 loss to the Great Falls White Sox. The game was highlighted by several missed offensive opportunities by Helena.


They had two runners caught stealing, another picked off and had another thrown out trying to take an extra base.


?We want to be aggressive and we want to continue to be aggressive, but we have to execute,? said Brewers manager Jeff Isom.


The Brewers outhit the White Sox 10-7 in the contest, but found themselves in a 1-0 hole after the top of the first inning after Great Falls scored on a Josh Morgan RBI single.


The Brewers responded by scoring a run in the bottom of the first, when Lee Haydel scored on a nicely executed hit-and-run. Helena had the opportunity for the big inning, but Eric Farris was thrown out trying to go from first to third on the play. One batter later, Jonathan Lucroy was the second out of the inning when he was caught stealing.


Had both Lucroy and Farris been on base, they would have been likely brought home by Eric Newton, who stroked a double with two out. However, with Newton on second, Anthony Wycklendt struck out to end the inning and Helena had to settle for one run.


That set the tone for a frustrating evening for the Brewers offense. In the fifth, Mike Goetz was picked off at third base with one out and two batters later, Haydel was caught stealing to end the inning.


Helena had the tying run on third and the go-ahead run on second in the eighth, but the Brewers were turned away by Wander Perez, who induced a ground ball to end the inning. The tying run was also on base in the ninth, but a double play ended the contest.


Overall, Isom is happy with the direction of the Brewers offense as they have scored 17 runs in their last three games. They have raised their team batting average from the mid-170?s to a much more respectable .280 in the past 10 days.


?To jump 105 points (in batting average) you have to be doing something right,? he said. ?Guys are adapting to breaking pitches.?


The Brewers pitching was outstanding for most of the evening, particularly the relief effort by right hander Nick Tyson.


Tyson gave up one hit over four innings of work. The Blackwood, N.J., native was able to locate his fastball well, down in the strike zone, and his breaking ball had some bite.


?When you can do that with both of your pitches, you can be pretty successful,? Isom said.


Donovan Hand drew the start for Helena and pitched well at times. However, an opposite-field home run to left field by Jim Gallagher in the third and another solo shot by C.J. Retherford in the fifth was enough to lift the White Sox to the win.


Helena will head to Billings for the first time this season as they play the Billings Mustangs for a July 4 matinee. First pitch will be at 4:05 PM (5:05 Central).


Notes: Caleb Gindl missed the contest with a tight hamstring. Isom said that Gindl will be available in today?s game.


The loss dropped the Brewers into a first-place tie with Great Falls. Missoula and Billings are one game back in the Pioneer League North standings.


Helena Box Score:




Helena Game Log:

Mike Goetz' pickoff at third base with one out in the 5th about as inexcusable as it gets...



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Final: West Virginia 11, Asheville (Rockies) 3


West Virginia Site Game Summary:




Steve Chapman hit a pair of two-run homers on Tuesday night at Appalachian Power Park as the Power took the first game of the series, scoring 11 runs on 16 hits, and defeated the Asheville Tourists 11-3.


Asheville plated the first run of the game in the top of the second inning when Mike Paulk scored on Jimmy Mojica?s fielding error at third. Mojica redeemed himself in the bottom of the inning as he doubled off the wall in left field to plate three runs and give the Power the lead. In the third inning Andrew Lefave?s sacrifice fly plated Brent Brewer to put the Power ahead by three runs.


Mike McKenry drove in Matt Repec on a sacrifice fly in the fourth inning before Chapman hit his first two-run homer in the bottom of the inning. Asheville scored their final run on an RBI single from Hector Gomez in the fifth inning. Chapman hit his second two-run homer in the fifth, it was his 12th of the season. West Virginia scored their final three runs in the sixth inning. Lefave ripped an RBI single and scored on Chuckie Caufield?s two-run homer.


Alex Periard (4-1) allowed just three runs on two hits over five innings to get the win, Travis Wendte (2) pitched four scoreless innings of two-hit ball out of the pen to get the save and Andy Graham (7-6) was tagged with the loss.


The Power improved to 55-26 overall and 7-6 in the second half, while the Tourists fell to 50-32 overall and 8-5 in the second half with the loss. Every West Virginia Power player in the starting lineup hit safely and six Power players had multi-hit games. Kenny Holmberg led the way with three hits, and Chapman led the team with four runs batted in.


The Power will continue the four game series against the Tourists Wednesday afternoon. The Power will start left hander Mike Ramlow (4-2, 7.05) and Asheville will start right hander Aneury Rodriguez (3-6, 5.57). The first pitch is scheduled for 4:05 PM (3:05 Central).


Link while active, text follows:




Power batters Tourists in 11-3 win

By Dave Hickman

Charleston Gazette Staff Writer


By the fifth inning, the Power already had accumulated 11 hits and by the sixth, the hit total had risen to a robust 14.


It?s more than apparent that the Power?s flirtation with a .300 team batting average will be a season-long thing and that the team?s distinction as a productive bunch will long be remembered favorably.


On another night of big offense, the Power settled for 16 hits, including two two-run homers by Steve Chapman and a two-run blast by Chuckie Caufield, en route to an 11-3 victory over the Asheville Tourists Tuesday night at Appalachian Power Park. A crowd of 4,211 attended and, continuing a recent custom, lingered afterward for postgame socializing.


With the 16 hits, the Power boosted its average from .298 to .299, easily the best in the 16-team South Atlantic League, and continued its league-leading 6.6 scoring average.


The hits have been coming at a steady pace ? for about three months.


?After the first week of the season,?? said second baseman Kenny Holmberg, ?we thought, ?OK, we?ve got a chance to do some fun things.? And we ran with it.??


The Power scored three runs in the second inning on Jimmy Mojica?s bases-clearing double off the wall in left, and Chapman launched home runs onto Morris Street in the fourth and fifth innings with Holmberg on base each time. Caufield added a two-run shot in the sixth.


Chapman, who raised his RBI total to 53, failed to deliver in the second inning but, as often happens on a team that?s batting .299, a teammate picked him up.


?My first at-bat I struck out with the bases loaded,?? he said, referring to the second inning, ?but Jimmy Mojica came up and hit a double off the wall and scored all three runs. You know that somebody will hit and somebody will produce runs. There have been very few times this season when we haven?t produced runs.??


The Power lineup, which usually consists of five .300 hitters, breeds positive competition.


?You got a buddy on the team that you want to see do well,?? said Holmberg, ?and when he does well, you want to go out there and do just as well. It?s a tough lineup. It?s scrappy, has some speed and a little bit of power. We put the ball in play.??


Alex Periard started and pitched five innings for the win, and Travis Wendte picked up the save with four innings of relief.


POWER POINTS: The Power and Tourists will play at 4:05 PM today (3:05 Central), and a free concert and fireworks will follow. The series will continue Thursday and Friday at 7:05 each night (6:05 Central). ... The Power entered the game with an average attendance of 3,757 through 37 openings. ... Power shortstop Brent Brewer manufactured a run in the third, beating out an infield single, stealing second and third and scoring on Andrew Lefave?s sacrifice fly. Asheville, a Rockies affiliate, ranks third in league hitting with a .272 average. Hickory is second at .275. ... ?We?re going to go through struggles, but you have to battle through it,?? said Holmberg.


West Virginia Box Score:

RHP Alex Periard's 2007 development a nice bonus this year; reliever Travis Wendte has been superb -- he's 24, it's too bad the older draft picks have to live with that cloud for their first year or two in pro ball...




West Virginia Game Log:




Charleston Gazette Photographer: Chris Dorst

Brent Brewer steals third base during the third inning Tuesday in the Power?s 11-3 victory over the Asheville Tourists at Appalachian Power Park.



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Final: Brevard County 7, Palm Beach (Cardinals) 3


Link while active, text follows:




Gamel runs streak to 30 games

By Alan Friedman / Special to MLB.com


Mat Gamel extended his hitting streak to 30 games Tuesday as the Brevard County Manatees topped the Palm Beach Cardinals, 7-3, in the opener of their doubleheader.

Gamel's streak is the longest in the Florida State League since Dunedin's Casey Blake hit in 31 consecutive games in 1998. Joe Altobelli holds the league's all-time mark with a 36-game streak in 1951 for Daytona Beach.


EDIT: Whoa, sorry about that folks -- earlier reports had noted that Blake's streak was the league record. - Jim


The longest hitting streak in the Minor Leagues this season was the 43-game run by Brandon Watson of the Columbus Clippers. Charleston RiverDogs third baseman Mitch Hilligoss had a 38-game streak.


A 21-year-old third baseman, Gamel went 2-for-4 for his 15th multi-hit game during the streak. He ripped an RBI single in a four-run second inning and a run-scoring double in the fourth.


Angel Salome and J.R. Hopf also had two RBIs apiece for Brevard County (7-5).


Mike McClendon (3-0) pitched his second complete game since last month's promotion from Class A West Virginia. He allowed three runs on eight hits and a walk to remain unbeaten.


Brandon Yarbrough was 2-for-3 with two RBIs for the Cardinals (7-5).


Rehabbing former Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter (0-1) got the start for Palm Beach and was tagged for five runs -- three earned -- on five hits with a pair of strikeouts in 1 1/3 innings.


Brevard County Box Score:

44 RBI for Angel Salome -- remember, he missed time at the start of the season, what a beast he is, has to be the favorite prospect of many, at least the most intriguing; ho-hum, two stolen bases and three runs scored for Darren Ford, now with 47 steals in 59 attempts; Mike McClendon walked only one, did not strike out a batter in his seven-inning complete game, and got 15 ground ball outs in his seven innings -- nice job by the defense, surely appreciated by Mike...




Brevard County Game Log:




Mat Gamel is batting .427 (47-for-110) during the streak, which began on May 28. (Photo by Jerry Hale/MLB.com)



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Manatees-Cards nightcap suspended


The second game of Tuesday night's Florida State League doubleheader between the Brevard County Manatees and Palm Beach Cardinals was suspended due to rain.

It will be resumed at a date to be determined.


Palm Beach, which lost the opener, 7-3, had a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the second inning when play was halted.


NOTE: We've seen this in the past, and it gets tricky in terms of hitting streaks -- it'd be less complicated if Mat Gamel continues to sit out the makeup portion. - Jim


Brevard County Partial Box Score:

RHP Vince Perkins on the mound for the 'Tees...



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Final: Huntsville 9, West Tenn (Mariners) 6


Huntsville Site Game Summary:

Link, text follows --




Stars Survive Shaky Ninth and Hang On To Win


Brendan Katin smashed a three-run home run and Michael Brantley collected four hits to back another solid outing by Lindsay Gulin in Huntsville?s 9-6 win Tuesday night at Pringles Park in Jackson, TN. The Stars gained a split of the four-game set and return home at 6-10 in the second half and 43-41 overall, while the Diamond Jaxx suffered an eighth loss in their last 10 games to fall to 5-11 in the half and 36-50 on the season.


Erick Monzon?s two-run home run in the second inning, his fourth of the year and third against Huntsville, gave the Diamond Jaxx a short-lived 2-1 lead. The Stars scored five times on three hits and four walks in the top of the third to take the lead for good at 6-2. Katin?s long ball, his 15th of the year, capped the uprising and gave him runs batted in during each of the games in the series.


Hernan Iribarren singled home two runs with two outs in the fifth and knocked in another run with a fielder?s choice grounder in the seventh to make it 9-3. He finished with two hits in a 13-hit attack for the Stars, who have totaled at least 11 safeties in four of their last five games. Alcides Escobar had his first three-hit game since joining the Stars, while Brantley singled three times, doubled, walked, stole a base, scored and knocked in a run.


Gulin wound up going six innings, giving up three runs on six hits, walking three and fanning three to improve to 7-3. He has now worked 35 innings in his last five starts, allowing only eight runs on 24 hits. He is tied for the team lead in wins with Manny Parra.


Steve Hammond gave up a run over two innings in his second relief appearance of the series and season and was followed by Jeff Housman, making his first appearance of the series, in the ninth. He gave up an infield hit, walked four and gave up a sacrifice fly to Brent Johnson, his second of the night, which cut the Stars lead to three. Erick Monzon walked to reload the bases before Rene Rivera took a called third strike to end the game.


The Stars return home Wednesday night to begin a four-game series with Tennessee and will send right-hander Mark DiFelice to the mound against Smokies? right-hander Justin Berg. Coverage of the game begins at 6:50 p.m. central time and can be heard locally on SportsRadio 730 WUMP and through the internet at www.huntsvillestars.com.


Huntsville Box Score:

Steve Sollmann two more walks (OBP .431)...




Huntsville Game Log:




Lou Palmisano in photo at this link:



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Final: Round Rock (Astros) 10, Nashville 4


Nashville Site Game Summary:

Link for Chris Oxspring photo in the special 4th of July uniform, text follows --




Win Streak Ends With 10-4 Loss To Express


NASHVILLE ? The Nashville Sounds dropped the series finale against the Round Rock Express by a final score of 10-4 on Tuesday evening at Greer Stadium before a crowd of 9,777 fans.


The loss snapped a six-game winning streak for Nashville (51-34), which remains five games ahead of Iowa in the PCL American Conference Northern Division as the Cubs also lost on the evening.


Nashville leftfielder Joe Dillon went 1-for-4 with an RBI, extending his hit streak to 12 games and tying Andy Abad for the club?s longest hitting streak of 2007. Dillon is batting .413 (19-for-46) over his last twelve contests and is just three games shy of his longest career streak of 15 games.


Round Rock jumped out to an early lead in the top of the first inning when Mike Rodriguez led off with a double off the wall in left. Brooks Conrad followed with another double that scored Rodriguez before Sounds starter Chris Oxspring retired the next three batters in order.


Nashville answered in the bottom of the inning with a trio of singles beginning with a Tony Gwynn line drive to left center. Gwynn moved to third as Callix Crabbe executed a textbook hit-and-run, singling through the hole into right field to put runners at first and third with no outs. Crabbe stole second before Jose Macias hit a comebacker to pitcher Jared Gothreaux that enabled Gwynn to score on a heads-up baserunning play. One batter later, Laynce Nix hit a blooper to right-center to plate Crabbe with the go-ahead run for a 2-1 Nashville lead.


AUDIO: Laynce Nix RBI Single --




The Express took the lead in the top of the third inning after Danny Klassen reached on a fielder?s choice. Klassen scored one batter later when Jason Lane doubled him home before moving to third on a Cody Ransom single to left. With one out and men at first and third, Josh Anderson grounded out to second base scoring Ransom from third and putting the Express up 3-2.


Round Rock built their lead in the top of the fourth inning when Klassen hit a two-out double to deep center field. Lane then walked to put men at first and second before Ransom drove in Klassen with a single to left. Anderson would follow with another RBI single to left scoring Lane before reliever Dennis Sarfate came in to strike out Mark Saccomanno for the final out.


The Express would add to their lead with a two-run fifth and put themselves out of reach for the rest of the game. Round Rock?s offensive tear was anchored by rightfielder Lane, who went 3-for-5 with four RBIs on the night and contributed one of the six doubles the team accumulated on the evening.


The Sounds got one back in the bottom of the sixth after Dillon doubled to shallow right before being knocked in by a Vinny Rottino single to left field.


Brad Nelson extended his hit streak to seven games in the eighth frame with an RBI single to right field that knocked in Laynce Nix for the Sounds' final run of the game.


Express starter Jared Gothreaux (5-5) got the win by throwing 7 2/3 innings, giving up four earned runs and striking out three on 122 pitches.


Oxspring (6-5) took the loss after allowing five runs on nine hits in only 3 2/3 innings of action.


Sounds shortstop Chris Barnwell threw one inning of no-hit relief in the ninth inning, becoming the first Nashville position player to pitch since second baseman Jermaine Clark threw two hitless frames on May 7, 2006.


Nashville hits the road on Wednesday to take on the Oklahoma RedHawks in the 7:05 p.m. CT opener of a five-game series at AT&T Bricktown Ballpark. Sounds left-hander Zach Jackson (9-3, 4.50) is scheduled to take the mound against Oklahoma southpaw John Rheinecker (2-2, 4.34).


Baseball returns to Greer Stadium after the All-Star break on Thursday, July 12 when the Sounds welcome the cross-state rival Memphis Redbirds to town for a four-game set.


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Sounds end homestand with a loss


For The Tennessean


Four Sounds pitchers were pounded for 15 hits in a 10-4 loss to Round Rock Tuesday night at Greer Stadium.


Starter Chris Oxspring (6-5) allowed five runs, nine hits and four walks in 3-2/3 innings.


"It was just one of those nights," Oxspring said. "Everything I threw over the middle of the plate, they hit it."


"He just didn't have it tonight," acting Manager Harry Spilman said. "He just didn't have that rhythm."


The loss ended the Sounds' six-game winning streak.


A crowd of 9,777 saw the Sounds actually take a 2-1 lead in the first. Mike Rivera's RBI groundout brought in Tony Gwynn. Two hitters later, Laynce Nix hit a broken-bat single, which knocked in Callix Crabbe.


It was the only real threat Nashville posted all night in the series and homestand finale.


The Express gave starter Jared Gothreaux (5-5) a 7-2 lead by the fifth inning.


"You're going to have these kind of games," Spilman said. "We played so well the last six weeks."


The Sounds are still five games up on second-place Iowa in the Pacific Coast League's American Conference Northern Division.


It marked the fifth time the Sounds have allowed 10 runs or more. Nashville gave up 11 runs at Salt Lake on May 13, which is the most allowed of the season.


What they said: "They came out swinging the bat good tonight. They stuck it to us." ? Spilman


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Sounds infielder Barnwell also pitches hitless ninth inning


Tennessean Staff Writer


Infielder Chris Barnwell became the first Sounds position player to pitch for Nashville this season in Tuesday night's 10-4 loss to Round Rock at Greer Stadium.


The right hander threw a one-walk, hitless ninth inning.


The last time a Nashville position player pitched for the Sounds was Jermaine Clark. The second baseman threw two hitless innings against New Orleans in May 2006.


Streaks extended: Sounds third baseman Joe Dillon was able to extend his hitting streak to 12 games.


Dillon hit his 18th double of the season in the sixth inning.


It is the Sounds' fourth double-digit streak of the year and equals the longest of the season. Andy Abad hit safely in 12 games, but is currently on the disabled list with a wrist injury.


Dillon had a 15-game hitting streak for Albuquerque in 2005.


Brad Nelson extended his hitting streak to seven games with an RBI single in the eighth.


Callix Crabbe also extended his hitting streak to six games with a single in the first.


On the road again: Nashville opens a five-game series with Oklahoma today. The Sounds have taken five of seven games from the RedHawks.


The series will lead up to the All-Star break. The Sounds will then have three days off before returning to Greer Stadium


Pitcher Chris Oxspring, reliever Steve Bray and utility man Vinny Rottino will participate in the All-Star festivities.


The Sounds will return to action July 12 to play Memphis in a four-game series.


Nashville Box Score:

All-Star starter Chris Oxspring has actually been quite sub-par in his last few starts, allowing 19 ER in 20.2 IP....




Nashville Game Log:



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