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3/22/05 - Brewers (Capellan) @ Cubs (Koronka), 2:00 PM CT


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Wow, someone can't wait for the Link Reports. Massbrew in mid-season form posting these daily game threads. It's one thing when he posts at like 5 am cause he's in New England, but this is before bed even.
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Alright, 'fess up. Which guy has all the voodoo dolls??


Not me... but somehow, I think Dusty Baker is going to more than suffice when it comes to the Cubs pitching staff.


Will the Cubs have the highest PAP total this year?

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I'll admit again that I have the voodoo dolls.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif This may open up the closer job for Dempster, unless my thoughts are old already. I haven't been following the cubs (yes, small letters), but I've been doing doll burnin' around the house.


I have a new phrase that rhymes with "Die Yuppie Scum". You guessed it..."Die cubbie Scum".

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Looking like it's following the in-game box in this thread for me, if we have one.


If someone can do the whole thing, feel free. Otherwise I can do at least a large part of it, similar to yesterday...

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and I don't think this is on TV. They added a Miller Park exhibition game and Sunday night's game in Surprise (I'll be there).



From MLB.com


Spring telecasts: Two Brewers Spring Training games will be televised. The games will take place on March 27 (against the Rangers, 8 p.m. CT) and April 2 (against the White Sox, 1 p.m. CT).

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Cirillo 2b







Jose Capellan



Hairston cf

Walker 2b

Nomah ss

Ramirez 3b

Burnitz rf

Lee 1b

Hollandsworth lf

Barrett c

John Koronka p



Top 1:

Krynzel - 1b

Cirillo - 1b

GameCube - 1b. Loaded for Caballo!

Lee - GIDP, 1-0 Crew

Jenks - F8. Oh well.


Bottom 1:

Hairston - flyout

Walker - flyout

Nomaaaaahh!!!! - 1b, to 2nd on WP

Ramirez - F8


Top 2:

Muscle - 2b to the wall, anti-3TO!! http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif

Miller - groundout

JJ - Po5

Latin Cappy - 4-3


Bottom 2:

Burnitz - K looking

Lee - K looking. 6 pitches total so far.

Hollandsworth - 1b, SB

Barrett - BB

Koronka - K swinging


Top 3:

Krynzel - 1b. Thataboy David.

Old man Cirillo - 5-3

Obay - laser F8

Lee - 5-3


Bottom 3:

Hairston - 1b

Walker - 1b, Hairston SB to 3rd

"Thanks, Beautiful" - 2b, 2-1 Cubs. Nomar's tearing it up.

Ramirez - flyout

Burnitz - Dinger. Ouch. 4-1

Lee - K swinging

Hollandsworth - K swinging.


Top 4:

Jenks - groundout

Muscle.....k swinging...about 8 pitches

Miller......1b to left then promptly picked off first


4-1 cubbies


Bottom 4:

Matt Wise in to pitch


Michael Barret....F9


Hairston...2b to left

Walker...line drive to Hardy


Top of 5th

Pitching for the cubbies John Leciester(sp)


Hardy...3b and scores on a bad throw to third...4-2 cubbies

Wise...K swinging


Cirillo...1b to center

Nintendo...ground out to second.


4-2 cubbies


Bottom 5:

Wise still pitching


Garciapara...4-3 nice play by Cirillo..although he almost fell down.

Ramirez... 6-3

Burnitz... F8 with Jenks up against the fence.


Top 6:

Pitching for the Cubs....Will Omen (sp)?


Lee...K....about 8 pitch at bat...fouled off several.

Jenks... line drive out to second



Bottom 6: (Bottalico pitching.)

Runners on second and third no outs for the cubs...didn't hear how they got there.(Lee and Hollandsworth with hits I think)

Barret - line drive out to Hardy

Reyes - grounder to Overbay...runners hold

Hairston...5-3...inning over.

Bottalico gives up 2 hits, and gets out of it.


Thanks to WHEEL for innings 4-6!


Top 7:

Miller - K swinging

JJ - gr 2b on the rf line

? - flyout

Clark - 5-3 liner


Bottom 7: (Helling in)

Walker - F7

Nomar - GONE. Wow. Wow wow wow. 5-2 Cubs.

Ramirez - 1b

Burnitz - 1b

Echavarria (where's Ueck when you need him) - K looking

DuBois - flyout


Top 8: (Welmeyer(?) in)

Cirillo - short flyout

Obay - 4-3

Lee - walk?

Hall - F9


Bottom 8:

Garcia - out?

another out?

Perez - 1b

Murray - bb

Ransom(?) - popup


Top 9: C'mon Crew! (Fox pitching)

Branyan - GONE!! 3TO!!!! 5-3 Cubs.

Johnson - 1b, thrown out at 2nd

Kiesch - 1b (Hart pr, get ready for a pickoff)

Magruder - 2b

Clark - 1b, to 2nd on throw home, Magruder stops at 3rd. 5-4 Crew

Cirillo - BB. And they're loaded!

Lyle - fc, relay not in time

... wait, Cirillo ruled to interfere on the slide, game over??


Yost hot.

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