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3/11/05 - Brewers (Glover) @ Giants (Tomko), 2:00 CT


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I just got here, I'll start up a box score for what I hear.


Top 1st (wasn't listening to game yet) Tomko pitching


1. Clark -Out

2. Spivey -Out

3. Fielder -Out


Bottom of 1st-Glover pitching

1. Todd Linden -Out

2. Deivi Cruz-Out

3. Edgardo Alfonzo-Out


Top 2nd - Brett Tomko pitching


4. Lee 2B (poorly played from the sound of it)

5. Jenkins 1B

6. Branyan K

7. Hall 1B RBI Milwaukee 1-0

8. Moeller DP 6-4-3


Bottom 2nd-Gary Glover Pitching


4. Pedro Feliz 1B

5. Moises Alou FC 5-4 (poor throw by Branyan but Spivey saved)

6. Marques Grissom DP 6-4-3


Top 3rd-Tomko Pitching

9. Glover 4-3

1. Clark 1B

2. Spivey 2B RBI Milwaukee 2-0

3. Fielder F9 Spivey advances to 3rd.

4. Lee 1-3


Bottom 3rd- Mike Adams pitching.

7. Mike Matheny K

8. Ronaldo Menendez K

9. Brett Tomko BB (DOH!!!)

1. Todd Linden K


Top 4th-Tomko Pitching.

5. Jenkins F8

6. Branyan 5-3

7. Hall U3


Bottom 4th-JDLR comes in to pitch

2. Deivi Cruz K

3. Edgardo Alfonzo 5-3

4. Pedro Feliz 6-3 (Nice save by Prince)


Top 5th-Armando Benitez comes in to pitch

8. Moeller K

9. De La Rosa 1B http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/eek.gif The crowd goes wild!http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/eek.gif

1. Clark K

2. Spivey 5-3


Bottom 5th-JDLR pitching

5. Moises Alou F8

6. Marques Grissom F6

7. Mike Matheny 2B

8. Ronaldo Menendez 4-3


Top 6th-Benitez still pitching

3. Fielder K

4. Lee K

5. Jenkins 4-3


Bottom 6th-JDLR Pitching.


Defensive Subs. Krynzel CF, Hart LF, Macgruder RF, Erickson SS, Helms 3B, Durrington 2B, Cirillo 1B.

9. Mystery Batter 4-3

1. Todd Linden 5-3

2. Deivi Cruz 4-3


Top 7th. Christensen pitching.

6. Helms F9

7. Erickson 6-3

8. Moeller 2B

9. PH-Weeks 1B. Moeller advances to 3rd.

1. Krynzel 4-3


Bottom 7th. Lehr comes in to pitch.


Mark Johnson in at C

3. Edgardo Alfonzo F8

4. Pedro Feliz F8

5. Moises Alou 1B

6. Marques Grissom F8. Nice play by Krynzel


Top 8th.


2. Durrington 1B (Bunt Single)

3. Cirillo 1B E7-Durrington Scores on Error Milwaukee 3-0

4. Hart 4-3 Cirillo to 3rd

5. Macgruder F9

6. Helms BB

7. Erickson -WP Cirillo out at home.


Bottom 8th. Lehr pitching.


7. Justin Knoedler 4-3

8. Carlos Mendez 1B (Nice bunt single towards Helms)

9. Michael Tucker 2B Mendez to 3rd

1. Todd Linden SH 4-3 RBI Mendez scores. Milwaukee 3-1

2. Deivi Cruz 2B RBI Tucker scores. Milwaukee 3-2

Matt Wise replaces Dustan Lehr.

3. Edgardo Alfonzo-Out (missed it from phone call)


Top 9th.

7. Erickson F7

8. Johnson F9

9. Wise F8


Bottom 9th. Wise pitching.

4. Czervanik? K

5. Mystery Giant F4 (in shallow right)

6. Fred Lewis 1B (past Cirillo)

7. Justin Knoedler F5


Nice Pitching Brew Crew! 3-2 Milwaukee.

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Aside from his 18 Milwaukee innings, Gary Glover has never been a league-average pitcher in the majors. Before joining Milwaukee, Doug Davis had three years (>340 IP) of approximately league-average performance, though it was sometimes hard to tell since he was pitching in Texas.
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Got a little too fancy with Tomko, but owned the other three


loopee, don't forget Tomko is one of the best hitting pitchers in the game. He, Ankiel, Maddux, Obermueller, Livian Hernandez, Prior, Wood, and a few others.

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[ Who would you rather be? Greg Maddux and a ton of personal success, or Mike Maddux with some personal success, and an uncanny nack for bringing success to others? ]


I thin the former pays far batter http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif .. and there's that whole "hall of fame" thing as well.

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